I have four kids, but when your first two are quite a few years older than your last two….sometimes you forget just what it is like to have a small baby in the house! Now that my youngest has found his way into crawling, he is determined to go everywhere his little legs will carry him. This little explorer has also given me a quick reminder of how much babies can get into, and why we need to think about all those things that come with an active baby. 

Each Child is Different

I think the most important piece of advice I can give you is that you should stop listening to other people’s advice. It may seem a little counterintuitive that I tell you this while giving you tips about active babies, but let me tell you what I mean.

Children are different, period. I have four kids and not one of them has been like the other so I can sit and give you my best pieces of advice, but the truth is that only you know what will work for you and your child. So read, listen, and research, but be sure to also listen to your child and his/her needs. Babies are actually quite skilled at communicating their needs if only you have an open ear and mindfulness to listen. 

Smart Tips to Help Crawling Babies

Keep Crawling Babies Safe

First and foremost, you want your child to be safe. While my first two kids were never really got into a lot, my second two are into everything they can get their hands on! You never really know which type of child you will have, and even if you have a pretty laid back kid, there could be that one day when he decides to explore a little more. Be sure sharp corners are covered, heavy objects are out of reach, outlets are covered, and cabinets locked.

Skip Shoes – For Now

Until your child is walking well, shoes are really just a fashion accessory. Skip the shoes as much as possible because they can actually hinder movement in your child at this stage. If you do need to put shoes on your child (perhaps in winter), be sure to remove them when indoors so your baby can move about more easily.

Use a Good Diaper

Any old diaper may have been good enough up to this point, but once your baby starts moving and grooving on his own, you want a diaper that not only holds in any messes but also moves with them! Little Movers from Huggies® dare created to help your baby in this situation. Their SnugFit Waistband helps Huggies® diapers stay in place, and are created with a shape that provides a comfortable fit that helps to stay in place and your baby moves and plays.

Tips to Help Crawling Babies huggies

Why do I like Huggies over anything else?

Only Huggies® diapers have a stretchy SnugFit Waistband to help our diapers stay in place like no other diaper. The unique contoured shape provides a comfortable fit and stays in place as babies move and play.


*Shaped for fit and flexibility
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*Leak Lock Protection for up to 12 hours of protection
*SnugFit* waistband
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Provide Encouragement

Crawling babies don’t really need a whole lot of encouragement to get moving, I mean they can finally move about and get where they want to go! But, taking the time to spend some time down on the floor with your child as they are exploring their new found freedom can create some great bonding moments for you and your child, and it can give you a peek into your house and baby level giving you an even better idea of things that may need a little babyproofing. 


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Do you have any additional tips to help crawling babies that work for you?
Please feel free to share!



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