When I heard about this brush, I was really excited to get one and try it out with my daughter. She always has lots of tangles in her hair, and hates letting me brush it if it is going to hurt.

I can’t say that I can blame her, I would hate my hair being pulled too if the brush didn’t go through easily.

I of course wanted to get one and try it out, and when the brush came we were both very excited. The Smoobee brush even came with a bunch of sparkling flower stickers, allowing us to bedazzle the brush before we even got to try it.

Unfortunately this was the best part of using the brush for us. My three year old daughter loves stickers of any kind, and being able to decorate her own brush was really fun and exciting for her; which I also hoped would make it easier for her to let me try the brush on her.

She did let me try it, but the brush really didn’t work well on her tangled hair, and in fact she did cry while we used it. I even tried the brush on my own hair, and it didn’t really feel that great for me either. Other people I’ve talked to have had good success using it, but it just really wasn’t for us.

I do think it would still make a good gift for an older child, perhaps a tween or teen who is looking to have a little fun jazzing up their own hairbrush, and really knows how to do their own hair. 

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