I recently had a chance to review the Soda Stream, and I was thrilled!  My husband and I are HUGE soda drinkers, and I know it is not good for us, so I figured if I could make my own soda and control what I put into it, it would be so much better.

There are so many great flavors available in the Soda Stream line, or you can come up with your own to suit your taste.  I haven’t been brave enough to start experimenting yet, but the flavors that I was given to review have all been pretty good so far!  My favorite is the Cran-Raspberry!  It is really good!  My kids even like it (I don’t really let them drink soda, so they probably thought it was an extra special treat anyway!).

Using the Soda Stream is very simple too!  I was amazed at how simple and easy it was!

Here are some step by step instructions showing you how easy this really is:

Get out your soda stream (duh)

fill the bottle to the line with water


insert the bottle into the machine, then press the button on top until you hear a loud BUZZ!


Choose your flavor, measure out desired amount, and add to the now carbonated water


Enjoy your soda!





Thanks to Soda Stream for providing me a free fountain jet to facilitate this review, and special thanks to my husband for demonstrating the use of the fountain jet!


Diclaimer:  I was provided a free fountain jet to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are mine.