Have you ever thought about what happens when you die? Do we have a soul, an afterlife, or maybe even multiple reincarnations? What about going through a rough patch in your life, have you ever thought about what it all means and if there is a higher purpose?

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of multiple reincarnations. As a scientist, the idea of all matter (including humans) as forms of energy always makes me wonder what happens to that energy after something dies. For those that don’t know, the law of conservation of energy states that energy can never be created or destroyed, but it can change form. Since energy cannot be destroyed it has to go somewhere…but where does it go?

In Soul Sessions, the idea of multiple lives is discussed. It is an intriguing look into the possibilities of ‘life after death’ so to speak.

About Soul Sessions

Soul SessionsAn engaging journey of love and spiritual awakening, Soul Sessions starts in current day Chicago, where Nick Dalton is a troubled yet highly successful Investment Banker with a gorgeous girlfriend and an extravagant lifestyle. Despite all his success, Nick falls into a deep depression after a life altering event. Just as it looks as though Nick’s life might end in suicide, enter Katrina DuMont, a gifted psychologist who is expert in both traditional and new age methods of treatment for depression. Together, using past-life regression techniques, they explore several of Nick’s prior incarnations, where he unwittingly discovers a beautiful woman who repeatedly appears as his lover and soul mate. To potentially reawaken his epic love affair, Nick is compelled to search for her in this lifetime. Thus begins an astonishing story of love and intrigue, where Nick stumbles across inconceivable answers to some of life’s greatest mysteries … and once again finds the course of his life altered.

About the Author

Carson Gage has been interested in the mysteries of life and death since the age of seven, when he survived being run over by a speeding car. This experience led him on a journey of discovery for answers to some of life’s biggest questions.

My thoughts on Soul Sessions

While this is not typically the type of book I would read by looking at the title (I really like science fiction and mysteries), this book immediately appealed to my sense of wonder after I read the description. I quickly decided that it was something I wanted to read and very easily bought the book with one quick click on Amazon.

I get most of my reading done during my lunch break at work. I head outside and sit on the swing to catch a little fresh air and enjoy a good book. This book took me no time to breeze through during my daily lunch reading sessions. :)


Everyone can most likely relate to the struggles Nick Dalton is going through, maybe even going through a bout of depression at some point themselves. Trying to overcome this deep depression by learning more about past lives was really intriguing and made for a great story. There were moments in the book where I felt that the details of how the therapist got Nick to examine his past lives was a little mundane, but the rest of the story flowed nicely and was a great read. If you enjoy reading about things that can’t really be explained, or even have had thoughts about what happens after death, this story is definitely one to add to your list.

So tell us…

Have you ever thought about multiple lives, soulmates, or what happens after we die? 



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