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The first time I saw a soup bowl cozy I just knew I had to make one. What a novel idea that I could heat up my bowls and then pull them out of the microwave without burning my hands!

I was also really excited about making a bowl cozy pattern because I know it will be something I can make and give as a gift to so many people.

Birthday? You get a bowl cozy!
Wedding? Here’s your soup bowl cozy!
Christmas? The perfect occasion to give a homemade soup bowl cozy!

Okay, so maybe I am getting a bit carried away, but as quickly as these easy to make soup bowl cozies come together, how could I not get excited about making them time and time again?!

Here’s everything you need to make this project and I even included a video to walk you through how to do it step by step. To see the video scroll down to the bottom of this post.

Soup Bowl Cozy Materials

Material Notes: It is important that your fabric and thread are both 100% cotton if you will be using your soup bowl cozy in the microwave. Other materials may melt, spark, or have other issues.

If you do not yet have a Cricut Maker and/or the corresponding accessories, learn more about all the things you can make here. You can also visit my crafting section to see the projects I’ve done, and visit our sister site, Rock Your Craft, to find even more crafting tutorials and inspiration!

Soup Bowl Cozy Directions

Grab the cut file from Design Space here.


Open the cut file in Cricut Design Space. Place your first piece of fabric on the fabric mat and insert into your Maker.

soup bowl cozy tutorial

Find the brayer I used here:

Hit GO and allow the machine to cut out your design.

Repeat with the second piece of fabric.

Do the same with the cotton batting, however, when I cut batting using my Maker I like to use a regular (green) mat with transfer tape sticky side up. This allows me to keep my fabric mat clean without all the fuzziness from the batting sticking to it.


Once you have all your pieces cut, place the batting on top of one piece of fabric. The batting should be touching the ‘wrong’ side of the fabric.

After some trial and error I found that I prefer to use only one piece of batting in my soup bowl cozies, however, if you wish to use two pieces simple repeat with the second piece of fabric.


Sew together the fabric and batting by starting at the tip of one “flower petal” and sewing straight across to the other side.

Turn and repeat on the other side.

Do the same for your second piece of fabric. If you are not attaching batting to the second piece of fabric then this step is optional, however, it does give an extra design element to your finished product.


Fold your fabric in half as pictured below and stitch the bottom corners together on each side. Be sure to backstitch at the beginningg and end.

Unfold, rotate, and refold in half the other way to stitch the remaining corners together.

Repeat with the second piece of fabric.


Place your two pieces of fabric together with the right sides touching and sew together.

Remember to leave an opening about 2-3 inches long so you can flip out the right way when finished.


Turn right side out, tuck the fabric to the inside that hasn’t been sewn shut yet, and topstitch around the entire bowl cozy to finish the piece off.

You’re done!

Soup Bowl Cozy Koozie

Soup Bowl Cozy Video Tutorial

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