As a science teacher, I’m so excited to partner with the Spangler Science Club. Steve Spangler Science isn’t just about science kits and gizmos, it is about teaching people (and teachers) to be AMAZING with products that are educational, inspiring, and entertaining. It is basically play with a purpose!

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New to Steve Spangler Science?

If you’ve never experienced Steve Spangler in person, you’ve probably seen one of his viral science experiments while watching television, surfing YouTube or observing your kids as they turn the kitchen into a mad scientist’s laboratory. His incredibly popular Mentos and Diet Coke experiment literally propelled this Colorado-based company, Steve Spangler Science, into a new orbit as the go-to place for cool science toys and educational resources for making learning fun.

Since 1991, the company has created over 600 educational products and hands-on science experiments for children, parents, and teachers and the Spangler Science Club is a culmination of all that experience. One of the secrets to the success of this company is a principle called The Spangler Effect – the act of creating an educational experience that’s so fun that people don’t even realize they’re learning. Let us help you create your own unforgettable learning experiences.

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Why I will be using Spangler Science Club for Homeschooling

Not only am I a science teacher, I am also going to start homeschooling my own four kids starting this year. While I’m a bit nervous to do so, I know that the time spent with my kids is something I will never get back and will never regret being home with them.

Because I am going to have to concentrate a large portion of my efforts on lessons for reading, writing, and math; I don’t want to have to think about fun experiments to do with the kids. With Spangler Science Club, I won’t have to! Everything will be sent right to my door every month and we can simply follow the lessons, check The Spangler Science blog, and have fun!


Have you ever tried a science club?
Do you homeschool, or would you simply like to get the kids for some extra fun? Either way, you can’t go wrong!


Make Science Fun with Steve Spangler Science

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