Having just experienced my third pregnancy I can relate to having to explain to my kids why the baby was in my belly and how she was going to get out. I was extremely hopeful I would be able to experience a natural birth, and even sat down and watched some videos with the kids on what that involved so they would know what to expect if they chose to stay in the hospital room with me, however, a natural birth was not in the cards for me.

Both of my first two children were born via c-section, and they both understood how that meant having surgery and that mommy would have a big “owie” for a while. We even have photo documentation of all three of my kids being born via c-section, so they understood exactly what it meant to be born this way and how they came out of my belly. What they didn’t understand so much was how the baby got in there in the first place.  😯

Even though the fact that mommy had a baby in her belly was a hard concept for my kids to digest, they eventually came to understand the idea as my belly got bigger and bigger (in the beginning my four year old daughter could be heard saying “I know you don’t have a baby in there because you don’t have a big belly”).  Kids — they say the darnedest things.  🙂

Even though kids may not get the difficult concepts, or we just don’t want to explain them, some things are much easier to digest — like Rice Krispies, which are easy on tummies!


Watch the video then tell us…

What are some things that were hard to explain to your kids, or what were some of the funny things they said as kids?


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