This post is sponsored by Acorn and Nature Valley, opinions are my own. 

If you haven’t been able to tell already, we are an adventurous bunch around here. We are always on the go, and always trying to find fun new places to explore. 

When we head out, we typically pack a picnic or snack, especially if we are going hiking, kayaking, or anything that takes some time. What we pack varies but it is usually some type of fresh vegetable the kids can nibble on, an easy to grab food like sandwiches, and a fun snack.

Our favorite snacks are the Nature Valley Biscuits with Cocoa Almond Butter. They are easy to grab and eat, they have a great flavor, and the kids and I love them!

My most recent adventure was learning to paddleboard with my husband. I absolutely loved it and had a fantastic time! I’m not sure my husband took to the water quite like I did, but in either case, we both thought the experience was amazing.

Being out on the ocean is so calming and relaxing, it’s almost like nothing else matters. You can see water for miles, feel the cool ocean breeze blowing through your hair, watch the sea turtles as they come up for air, and if you want you can jump off of your board and take a swim.

After all this adventure we were famished. Luckily I had planned ahead and brought along my cocoa almond butter biscuits from Nature Valley. 

These are just the thing to hit the spot and give us the energy to keep going in between meals, and before our next big adventure — like biking down a mountain!

We don’t keep all these biscuits just for ourselves though. The kids love them too so we’ll often have them for a quick after-school snack as we are rushing around trying to get homework done, get to football games, piano lessons, and everything that goes with having kids participating in activities. 

There are a variety of flavors to choose from, like Almond butter or Peanut Butter. We are also a pretty big fan of the Granola Cups (don’t tell my kids I snuck one last night). 🙂