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Two weekends ago my kids and I had a chance to drive to my hometown and visit my parents. We had a wonderful time just enjoying the weather and the outdoors; plus it was fun to be able to just take a weekend off and spend time with my family, something I don’t get to do very often anymore. This trip also helped me realize the perfect father’s day gift for my dad – Unlimited talk, text, and web!

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Spending quality time with family

While we were visiting my mom grilled out and let the kids run around her yard playing in the sprinkler. We all had a ton of fun and enjoyed just spending some quality time together. The next day we visited my dad and he took the kids fishing. They really loved seeing grandpa and learning about fishing, and my daughter even caught the biggest fish out of everyone!

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My son caught a fish or two as well; and even though his wasn’t quite the whopper like my daughter’s fish, everyone still had a great time hanging out with grandpa.

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Living long distance is hard!

This visit made me realize that my parents are missing out on a lot of things that happen in my kids’ lives. My son had lost two teeth and cut his hair into a Mohawk since the last time my mom saw him. It has been even longer since my dad has seen the kids.

The one good thing my mom has going for her is that she has technology that allows us to keep in touch more often. She sees pictures of the kids on Facebook, and at times we will even Skype so she can still see the kids.

My dad on the other hand, does not have any technology available at all. He doesn’t even have a smartphone, so if I wanted to send him pictures – I couldn’t. He has a very simple, very basic cellphone that doesn’t even have a camera! I think he has a hard time seeing the little buttons on it too. He has sent me text messages but imagine it must take him forever on that old-school phone!

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After seeing how much my dad is missing out on when it comes to my kids, I realized that this Father’s Day I wanted to give him a gift that would allow him to stay in touch with us a bit more. That is when I knew a new smartphone would be the way to go. He doesn’t have a computer at home, but at least with a smartphone he can still log onto Facebook (I’ll have to create an account for him) and view pictures of the kids, plus he can go online instead of asking me to look stuff up for him all the time. 🙂

Finding the perfect father’s day gift at the right price

Yes, my dad has been stuck in the Stone Age but I think it is time for him to join us in this century and stay connected! I found that the Walmart #FamilyMobile plans have the best price for what we need. With unlimited talk, text, and web for only $39.88 a month I know that the price is right for us to be able to stay in touch all the time!

Since we don’t live in the same location as my dad, I wasn’t actually able to purchase this phone in my local Walmart because the plans don’t offer coverage in my area. I was, however, able to do site-to-store and have the phone shipped to me in less than a week (you can also ship to your house if you desire)!

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Once I ordered the phone, I simply had to head to my local store and pick it up and then I could activate it so my dad could use it where he lives. I decided on the Alcatel One Touch Evolve as it looks like a great starter smartphone for my dad. It was very simple to setup and I feel like he would be able to easily use the features (once I give him a little tutorial of course). 🙂

familymobile evolve

So even though moments like these don’t happen as often as I’d like, at least with a new smartphone my dad can stay up to date on everything that is happening in my kids’ lives!

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So tell us….

Do you have a great gift in mind for your dad or husband for Father’s Day?