For some of us, taking a career break to look after our children is a blessing. Getting an extended time at home, we can benefit from the joys that come with being a parent and have more time to focus on a life that doesn’t come attached with the daily commute and the office politics attached.

For others, the career break might seem like a career killer. There might be worries about staying professionally relevant, as time away from the workplace can soften job skills, limit attempts to climb the career ladder, and lead to large gaps on a resumé.

If you fall within the latter category, fear not! You can still stay professionally relevant, despite having an extended break away from the workplace.

How Can You Stay Professionally Relevant When Taking A Career Break?

#1: Get involved with your child’s school

Consider opportunities to chair your school’s fundraisers and take part in PTA meetings. Don’t turn your nose up at any event that could benefit from your skills and wisdom.

By getting involved with your child’s school, you will have something current to put on your resumé, with skills you have been able to hone, alongside any new skills you have picked up.

You might also meet other parents with the power to help you within your career, so don’t be shy when it comes to school social events. You never know where they might lead!

#2: Study in your spare time

Okay, so as a parent, you might not get a lot of free time! But you should still schedule time for yourself within the week, even if this means hiring childminders to help you do it.

You might then use the time you have to study, perhaps reading books and scouring websites that are relevant to the career path you were on, or by taking online courses that can elevate you within your career, using these advanced online colleges for social work as an example.

You will then improve your employability, as you will have something to add to your resumé and have increased knowledge about your industry when you are sat in front of an interview panel.

#3: Go for a coffee

We are sure you love spending time with your kids, but let’s face it, there will be times when you are desperate for some adult conversation!

There is nothing wrong with arranging to meet up with friends from your last workplace to stay current with what is going on within your industry and to find out about any future job opportunities.

Also, consider meeting up with the working moms you know from school. This will give you the opportunity to talk about your experiences in work, and you will also be able to learn from others.

Not only can you make new friends this way, but you might also meet people who, after hearing about your professional endeavours, can connect you to jobs when you are ready to go back to work. 

Enjoy Your Time At Home

A career break has to be a career killer, and staying at home with your children can have some many benefits!

If you still want to consider going back into the workforce after a break, don’t forget to hone your skills, study for qualifications, and network with the people who could influence your career.

By staying professionally relevant, you should have no trouble re-entering the workforce and even getting that promotion you may have been after.