STEAM Toys, STEM Toys, Girls, and K-NEX

Steam Toys, Stem Toys, Girls, and K'NEX

As a science teacher, steam, stem, and all things science related when it comes to playing really intrigues me. So when I hear about steam toys, stem toys, girls and how many of today's top toys can be easily used to help kids power their imaginations and think about things like engineering, technology, and more, I am especially interested. 

I use K'NEX kits in my own chemistry and biology classrooms at our local technical college. I find they work really well in giving students a hands-on approach to learning certain concepts. Young kids are no different, they can use K'NEX building kits to power their curiosity while at the same time learning without even realizing it!

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What is Steam?

The former STEM has transformed into STEAM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math. It is a curriculum that focuses on teaching based on natural ways of learning, customizable for all types of students. What could be more natural than learning through play?!

Why K'NEX is Great for STEAM and for Girls


K'NEX are fun, plain and simple, but it isn't just boys who like to build things. Girls like making things too. Whether it is a soaring roller coaster or the house of their dreams, girls can put their imaginations to work and bring it all to life by using real-life engineering skills in creating their designs. 

Building dreams can become a fun-powered 3-D reality when you use K'NEX building sets! 

All K’NEX Education sets come with either a comprehensive guide for teachers or an experiment guide for student-led learning. All lesson plans and experiment guides are written by expert educators and feature hands-on, inquiry-based projects that engage students in today’s busy classroom. You can use these guides at home or in a classroom. 

Our Favorite K'NEX Steam/Stem Toys - Girls Have Approved!

Swing Ride Building Set

With 470 pieces, this engineering education building set will have your little engineer budding with excitement. Being able to build your own working swing ride is pretty darn cool. In this kit, you can learn how mass affects speed, how to gear up and gear down, and much more!

100 Model Building Set

This kit comes with enough pieces to build many different structures, shapes, and working ideas!

Mighty Makers World Travels Building Set

The Mighty Makers sets are tailored specifically with girls in mind. They are pink, but that doesn't mean they aren't challenging. Girls can build numerous structures from around the world, learn about engineering as well as the history behind the structures themselves in the process. These make for a really great tool for any homeschool or classroom learning environment!

stem toys girls

Mighty Makers Deep Sea Dive Building Set

Dive into the depths of the sea with this fun kit where you can explore oceanography concepts!

stem toys girls

K-Force K-10V Building Set and Mini Cross Building Set

My daughter loves to take on her brother in a fun game of foam darts. When they can each build their own blaster it is even more fun!


K'NEX for Education

K'NEX offers many ready to go kits that are perfect for the classroom or your home classroom. Each set is designed to maximize student engagement and features hands-on, inquiry-based lesson plans that help teach STEM and STEAM topics aligned to national education standards. 

Check out all the Educational K'NEX kits available today!

Learn More

Head over to the K'NEX website to learn more about all the great building tools available, and get building help if needed. 

This post contains affiliate links. I was provided a sample of K'NEX products to help facilitate this post, opinions are my own.

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