Storage is always a problem for busy families. Your MO may be to unload an armful of groceries onto the dining room table – and push whatever is currently there to the floor. The kids may think that cleaning their room is all about shoving everything under the bed and into the closet. Organized chaos isn’t working out for you. The good news is there are storage solutions for you.

Everything Needs a home

One of the biggest problems that families are faced with is that not everything actually has a home. This may mean that some things need to go away. If you take an honest look at your home, there are probably lots of things that are no longer being used. The kids may have grown out of clothes and no longer play with some toys.

If there are things that aren’t being used, they need to go away. There are a few ways you can get rid of these items:

– Yard sale

– Salvation Army

– Toy drive

– Donate to church

Whichever you decide on, it gets those things out of the house. This gives you a chance to focus on what you do use – and finding a home for everything. If there are toys in the kids’ rooms, do they have some place to put them or is the floor the only actual option?

Look around every room of the house. If the den has more books piled on the floor than on the bookshelf, is there a legitimate reason for that? The same goes for CDs, movies and much more.

Need Extra Space? Go Digital

You may be running out of space because there are piles of paper, stacks of CDs and mountains of photos. All of these can be made into digital files, thus eliminating the need for paper around the house. There are companies that will scan all of the photos into CDs or onto a cloud for you. You can burn your CDs into MP3s. And you can scan all important paper documents into the computer as well. Even switching to paperless statements on your credit card can help significantly.

Get creative with what you have around the house. If there are piles of papers, think about getting rid of them altogether by storing them on the computer.

The Power of Bins

Busy families don’t have time to organize everything perfectly. However, bins can provide you with the extra space storage you need without being a neat freak. Many different bins can be used throughout the house for such things as:

– Toys

– Clothes

– Pet toys

– Garage stuff

Various bin systems can be purchased. You can install them on a wall or in a closet. If you don’t want to buy those, get some milk cartons and cover them with fabric to place in various rooms of the house. The kids can toss their toys in the bin when they’re done playing. The tools in the garage can be placed in bins so they aren’t scattered across the work bench. Even all of the dog’s chew toys can be tucked away so they aren’t all over the living room and kitchen.

Organizing Can Be Simple

There’s no need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in organizational systems. Your family is so busy that those can get just as messed up as everything else in your home. You have to focus on a home for everything in your home.

Get creative when it comes to storing everything. If something isn’t used that often, think about mounting it to the wall or place it high up in the garage. There are various platforms that can be installed on the garage ceiling that will give you room for bikes, totes and all sorts of other storage opportunities.

You can’t toss everything on the floor or the closet. However, that may be the only place for it right now. Use bins and shelves throughout your home to give every place a home. You don’t have to organize it perfectly but it does need somewhere to go. Boxes and shelves can be made of anything, which means lack of funds is not an excuse for chaos.


Author Bio

Becky Harris writes for Upack abf portable storage containers, a company that helps families and small businesses organized for busy lifestyles.