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I love having a Smart TV. It gives me all sorts of viewing options that have allowed be to drop our satellite service and watch television much more affordably. What is also great about it is that I can watch new release movies right from my TV without having to drive to a rental store or wait for a disc to come in the mail. There are plenty of services out there, but on my TV, M-GO is one of the apps that makes the most sense. You can choose to either rent or buy any of the movies in their library, plus you can link your UltraViolet account and view any movies that you already own!

About M-GO

At M-GO you can find lots of movies (including many new releases) to rent right online. Touch the M-GO button, and instantly access movies and TV shows on the devices you use and choose. We’re starting with an awesome and growing library of movies and TV shows but it won’t be long before M-GO will be your go to source for entertainment. Think of us as your “Entertainment Wingman™” (or Wingwoman) – we help make streaming more fun with our recommendations and featured content. We may even improve your movie knowledge.

Meet M-GO in less than two minutes in this short video:

One of the movies I’m most excited about seeing is The Hunger Games, Catching Fire which releases March 7 on DVD, which means I can also get it on M-GO!

catching fire katniss

I read the books before I saw the first movie but I was pleasantly surprised at how true to the story the filmmakers were. Typically I’m disappointed when viewing a movie after reading the book but not in this case. I think the cast was perfectly selected and Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are set to take the stage again in the 75th Hunger Games!

catching fire katniss injured

So tell us….

What is your favorite scene in Catching Fire?