About a month ago I told you about how much fun we had, and how easy it was to pre-order MIB3 and get the VUDU streaming copy before I got the actual Blu-ray disk (Blu-ray release date 11/30/12). 

I was able to get my husband to fix up our theater just for a fun viewing party; so this month I wanted to tell you all about our experience using the VUDU service, and what we thought about MIB3.  Now if you have not had a chance to watch this movie in theaters, you are going to definitely want to check it out on Blu-ray because it is really awesome! You can see a trailer, plus a two minute preview of the movie by going to the VUDU site here: MIB3 Trailer


Okay, let me back up a little. First, let me tell you why pre-ordering this movie was a great idea. There are several reasons, I’ll just list a few:

  • My husband is a HUGE Will Smith fan, and anytime he can see a great movie starring Will Smith he is on board!
  • We have a theater in our basement that was needing a little TLC. I figured if I told my husband we were having a viewing party he would get his butt in gear and spruce it up!
    • p.s. I was right. He moved the projector off of our chest freezer and onto an actual media cart, which he bought especially for this! Now he is looking into ceiling mounts, and a new surround system— yay MIB3!!
  • I love having friends over to watch movies with us. We have four new recliners specifically purchased for “theater” seating. I’m getting excited just thinking about how great our theater has progressed, and how great it is going to be as we continue to work on it!


On to the good part….what did we think of the movie, and how easy was it to stream through VUDU?  

Well the first part is easy, the movie was amazing…of course. Will Smith is a great actor, and the addition of Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin make it that much better! The story was great, although the first scene did have me cringing a little; but I will leave that up to you to watch and see what happened.

Streaming through VUDU was so easy I cannot believe we haven’t tried this before! My husband and I were even picking out movies we could rent and stream as soon as were done watching this one.

It is much easier to click a few buttons, rent a movie, and watch it instantly than it is to run all the way to a movie rental store or find a box to rent from.

Even better, we just got a new TV on black friday and it has Wifi built in, with a VUDU app already installed. You bet we have already taken advantage of this! 

For our viewing party we streamed through our playstation 3 (we didn’t have our new TV yet). Streaming was so easy, all I had to do was log into my existing account and I was ready to pick my movie and play.

Every time you activate a new device, you get a $5.99 credit to your account (I’m up to $11.98 so far!).

Since I pre-purchased, MIB3 was already in my account. You can see how easy it was to purchase and redeem here: MIB3 Pre-Order

Everyone picked their favorite spot on the couch or chairs, and we all settled in to watch the movie.

It was a great time! I did manage to burn the mozzarella sticks I had planned for appetizers, but who doesn’t love a few burnt cheese sticks.   😛

We had a great time, my theater got a little upgrade, and we learned about how easy it is to stream movies from the comfort of our home!

If you are interested in learning more about VUDU for yourself, check out this special offer for a free movie: 1 FREE Movie/Disc to Digital

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