carmex lip balm

I cannot stand my lips being dry. Unfortunately my kids have inherited this dry-lips-all-the-time trait from me. I wish they didn’t have to deal with this, but alas we all suffer from it – especially in the winter – you know, when school is in session.

I always try to keep the kids stocked with lip balm so they don’t have to worry about cracked lips, and now Carmex has a really cute line of Moisture Plus lip balms that are sure to be a hit in any locker, or to toss into a backpack!

This year students can head back to school in style by decking their locker out with the best beauty essentials. We all know lockers function as a between-class vanity area for quick touch-ups and are a space where students can express their personal style. Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm is easy to keep on hand to maintain healthy lips and ensure that smiles stay yearbook ready.

carmex moisture plus

p.s. These are great for husbands too. Mine was quick to grab a tube to try out, and really likes to keep one on hand. As a Carmex fan, these definitely live up to the quality I expect to keep my lips nice and moist!

So tell us….

What are you child’s locker and backpack essentials?