I have always enjoyed playing online games.  They seem to give me a source of stress relief and a welcomed distraction in a busy or overwhelming day.  The top three reasons people have listed for playing online games are: fun/excitement, stress-relief and enjoyment of competitive spirit.  I know when I play games such as the free ones available on Facebook, I feel very relaxed and feel like it is a much needed break in my day.  A lot of my friends have gotten into the many different “sim-like” games on Facebook, but I have noticed that after time people tend to get bored with these games.  The “Farmville” model has worked, but are players looking for a new twist?  When I was introduced to the new game, Tail Towns Friends, I was very intrigued.  It is similar to some of the other games available where you harvest food, decorate your land, and sell goods, but the difference comes in the fact that there is a fun story-line to follow.  So when I was given the opportunity to try out this game I was excited.  It has been a while since I’ve played some of the other free games available, and a new game sounded like just what I needed!


What is Tail Towns Friends™? Tail TownsFriends™…an enchanted world of mystery with tales of intrigue, treachery and forbidden love.

  • Players help friends & supply city businesses amidst unfolding tales of drama so they can create their ultimate country getaway.
  • This is a free to play Facebook game that will keep you enthralled for hours and inspire your artistry as you decorate a beautiful country retreat of your dreams.
  • The game uses familiar and proven casual game play style of harvesting, decorating and commerce while adding  in a drama of mystery, romance and treachery.

How is it different?

   Art Style: Photo–‐realistic exquisite art allows player to become “landscape artists”

   Storytelling: Tail Towns Friends is not just about the game but also about unearthing tales of drama. It’s game meets soap opera!

  • The more you play, the more of the gripping stories you uncover.
  • Strong, intertwining storylines written by creative storywriters, featuring cinematics & voice acting.

   Full Product Integration: One of the first Facebook games with code registration ability. But rewards are fully integrated into the actual game play experience.

  • Registering a collectible Tail Towns™ figurine not only gives you game rewards, but actually opens up a cache of hidden storylines behind each individual character.

About the Tail Towns™ collectible figurines:

  • Custom–‐designed collectible polystone figurines, fully hand–‐painted, with exquisite ornate details
  • Register a Tail Towns™ figurine to get the character’s storyline of humor and drama that gives you insight into his/her secret life in Tail Towns.
  • Each figurine rewards you with an exclusive super ornate specialty décor virtual item that provides daily rewards.

Here are some In-game quotes to give you an idea of the storylines/drama:

  • GRACE: “To advance, one must stay focused. I’ve been divorced four times, and I don’t remember my children’s birthdays. But all my financial assets are in perfect order!”
  • RENE: “But then things got..complicated. Like a Rubik’s Cube wrapped in a Sudoku covered in Duct Tape.”
  • LEXIE: “Outer beauty comes from inner pain.”
  • LEXIE: “People think I’m like, really dumb, but I’m like…the smartest person I know!”
  • GRACE: “If years of Botox hadn’t dried up my tear ducts, I would cry each time I issued a new certification.”


I have been playing the game for the past few days and my first thought was, “I love this game!”  It is very easy to play and easy to understand.  The rules are simple, and the challenges make the game fun.  Plus the story-line is an added bonus.  A corrupt businessmouse trying to monopolize the town, and you, little country mouse come in and disrupt his evil plans!  You just better watch your back though, you know how vengeful those corrupt businessmouses can be!

If you want to give the game a try head on over to Facebook and look for Tail Town Friends.  You won’t be disappointed!  Make sure to invite your friends as well as it is always more fun to play with friends.  🙂  The only thing I need to make my own game play better and easier is a few friends to join me (hint-hint).  There are certain things in the game you have to do, like requesting items from friends, that are pretty difficult w/out someone playing with you (I need a power cord and if someone could send me one that would be super awesome, lol).

P.S.  This is not a screen shot of my actual land, this is a demo picture, mine is not quite as nice as this yet but I’m working on it!



Tail Towns Friends is giving away one of the cute figurines to one lucky person.  Since these are integrated in the game-play, I would love to have one myself!   Check out these cute little things and then enter to win on the form below (Open to US 18+)


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Written by Jesica.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in which The Mommy Bunch received compensation, however, all opinions are strictly our own!