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I have been blogging for close to 5 years, and when I first started I knew nothing about photography and how to get a stunning picture. As the years progressed, I have become more and more aware of lighting, lenses, etc. and have come a long way with the photos I take and share on the blog.

While my pictures are better, they can often (most times) still use some enhancements. With that in mind I have been giving the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan a try (via Best Buy), which includes Lightroom and Photoshop, and I have been super impressed at not only how easy it has been to use, but the final results. I thought Photoshop was something only professionals can use, but honestly, it has been pretty easy to make some simple enhancements to my photos without having any ‘formal’ training on the software. Plus, there are tons of Youtube videos to walk you through edits if you get stuck. 

Here is one of the recent pictures I edited using Lightroom only, and you can see how much of a difference just a few simple adjustments in the brightness and color make.

Before After pic

Here are enlarged before and afters so you can really see the difference:




Kids Lunch

About the Creative Cloud Photography plan (Photoshop CC and Lightroom)

The Creative Cloud Photography plan is all about enhanced photo editing and convenience with the multi-screen capabilities provided by the Cloud ($119.99 reg retail for a 1-year subscription). While it is best for more advanced, active photographers who want to be able to create and access their vision on any device, anywhere, those who are looking to up their photography game would benefit from the Cloud plan as well. What I really like is that you don’t have to keep buying new software as your version becomes outdated. With the cloud plan, you automatically get the most updated version!

Plus, in addition to great edits, you can organize, edit & share images from anywhere: on your computer, on the web, on your iPad and on your iPhone or Android device. And when you make an editor flag a favorite in one place, it’s automatically updated everywhere else through Adobe CreativeSync technology. The technology is really amazing; I personally love that you can edit from your phone, sync, and have the pictures available for you anywhere!

Take your best shot and make it even better with the Creative Cloud Photography plan.



So tell us, are you ready to take your photography to the next level?