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I have recently discovered this printable clear sticker paper that Cricut makes, and I am in love! I have been making stickers for everything because they are so easy and fun to use. Then I decided, why not show my kids’ teachers some appreciation with a little DIY gift?!

These easy candle sticker labels can be from printer to candle in literally less than five minutes! I am stoked about how simple and easy it is to use these because I just do not have the time for lengthy projects these days.

How To Make A DIY Clear Sticker Label with a Cricut

Materials Needed


To make the labels, all you really have to do is decide on your design. That is always the hardest part for me. Once you have your design ready, all you have to do is hit MAKE IT and send it to your printer that is loaded with the printable clear sticker paper.

You want to put the glossy side as the side you will print on (check your printer for which way it needs to face).

After it prints out, place it on a Cricut cutting mat, load it in your machine, and just follow the prompts.

TIP: Don’t be like me and forget to hit FLATTEN when you are doing the design process. If you don’t hit flatten while designing a print-then-cut image, it will try to cut around every line, which is not what you want. You only want it to cut around the outside of the whole image.

Since I forgot to flatten my image, I had to reprint and cut it again. I ended up changing my design the second time around and did something a little more personal.

TIP: To create the sticker, you want a white background. Whether you use a simple circle shape, or something more intricate, you should set it to white. White will not print on your printer, so those spots will be clear.

After your sticker is cut out, simply peel and stick!

These candles that I personalized make a great addition to a DIY teacher gift basket. Simply fill with a few more candles, some relaxing bath items, and a bar of chocolate. Any teacher is sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness! And we all know a relaxed teacher is a great teacher, as well as more creative — at least in my case!

TIP: Subscribe to Cricut Access and use 200,000+ images and fonts to design your perfect project!

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