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I’m probably the mom that when the teachers see me coming or get an email from me they collectively go, “Oh no, it’s her again!” :P In all seriousness, though, I have been known to send off emails letting my kids’ teachers know my stance on sugar in the classroom and what my kids should and should not be allowed to have. 

I’m always polite about my requests, and will offer alternative ideas that I’m happy to supply for the whole class, but I just don’t want the sugar to be a motivator for my children because over consumption of sugar is known to be detrimental to your body, and has been linked to life-long health problems. 

Rewarding Success Without Food as a Motivator

Some of you may be thinking, “She’s one of thooooose parents,” but I found that if I send off a quick email before school starts, or simply talk to the teachers about my concerns, they are very open to hearing my thoughts and usually quite willing to get sugar out of their classrooms!

I also offer an alternative for student rewards. I’ve been using the Teacher Rewards Kits for my own kids over the summer as we brush up on reading and math skills, and found that it is a great kit that I will also be gifting to my kids’ teachers to use in their own classrooms.

Teacher Rewards Kit

Kids Love Rewards

Kids love to be rewarded for their hard work. Whether it is as simple as a bookmark, a sticker, or even a certificate highlighting their accomplishments, a fun reward can go a long way to motivating future success. 

My kids have been working hard this summer to keep their skills up to date. We’ve been doing a ‘homeschool trial run’ to see if we’d like to do this full-time, and I’ve been using the Teacher Reward Kit to highlight their achievements for the goals we set out. 

What our Summer Learning Looks Like

My kids thrive with a schedule, so each day I list what they are to accomplish for the day (time frames are posted on a dry-erase board in the kitchen but the tasks change daily). Since the Teacher Reward Kit comes with these great notecards, they work perfectly for setting out the list of tasks each day.

Teacher Reward Kit Notecard Kids Daily Lessons

After completing their lessons for the day, they typically have a chore or two to complete, then they get the rest of the day to play and just be kids!


As my kids complete goals that we have laid out, they get rewarded. My son was focusing on his math facts, and my daughter is brushing up on reading skills.

Teacher Reward Kit Certificates

Both were very excited to receive the rewards and were proud of themselves for meeting their goals and were happy to show them off!

school rewards

Teacher Rewards Kits – Great For In School

While we have decided to continue in public school for one more year, I will continue to use the Teacher Reward Kits at home, and plan to gift a kit to each one of my kids’ teachers. They are only $10 at Walmart so supplying rewards that they can use for the whole class is super easy and inexpensive. 

When we go to to Walmart to pick up the rest of our school supplies, we will be grabbing two of these kits so each of their teachers can have one in their classrooms. It is a great way to reward success, motivate students, and help keep a little bit of sugar out of the classroom [p.s. I do allow them to participate in treats for birthday parties…I’m not that mean :)].


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