We’ve been to Noah’s Ark water park many times over the years. My husband and I had loads of fun even before we had kids and would to go to the park as kids ourselves, and we still have lots of fun now that we bring our own children to experience all that is Noah’s Ark. 

Noah's Ark

There isn’t too much that changes when you visit the best water park in ‘The Dells’. You get wet, you have a blast, everyone goes home happy, but occasionally they will also have a new ride or two that you just have to check out.

This year is no exception. We’ve talked about some of the rides at Noah’s Ark before, but we wanted to head back and check out their newest attraction — Raja!

After another amazing visit, I can safely tell you what we’ve determined to be the best rides at Noah’s Ark water park in a completely unofficial and totally biased survey (which included my family and I totally got final say). 😉

The Best Rides at Noah’s Ark Water Park


The World’s Largest King Cobra combines an innovative and unique design to create one of the most thrilling water slide experiences in the world. Riders will race side-by-side on tubes from six stories up, along more than 335 feet of twists and turns at speeds up to 32mph, with a finale that includes a sudden 37-foot plunge into the mouth of a massive king cobra.

This is the newest ride at Noah’s Ark and it is amazing. I can’t say that it didn’t take my breath away, but that exhilaration is all part of the fun, right?! The only downside of this ride is that there is a weight limit — but it’s a minimum weight limit. 

Only one of my four children could ride this ride with me, and that is because we just barely inched above the weight minimum with our combined weights. I believe the minimum is 250 pounds, so keep that in mind before you decide to go try your luck. 

Black Anaconda 

Black Anaconda is always one of the busiest rides with a line you’ll have to wait in, but the wait is well worth it. The day we went to Noah’s Ark this time it actually wasn’t too busy so the line didn’t seem too bad. No matter how long though, we always have to do this ride at least once or twice. It’s part water slide, part roller coaster — all fun!

Flash Flood

I’m honestly not sure why there isn’t more of a line at this ride because my kids absolutely love going on Flash Flood. It is at the far end of the park close to where the new ride Raja is, and we always have to get in a few rides on the boat every time we go. 

Flash Flood really is one of the more underrated rides at the park, and I highly recommend a few rides down — especially if you want to get really wet! 


While this is not the most fear-inducing ride in the park, we all love it. Plus it is one of the first rides we all rode together as a family so it has a little history with us. 

Kowabunga has three nice drops all in a family sized tube. The kids love it, I love it, and there usually isn’t a huge line. 🙂

Paradise Lagoon

This area of the water park is always packed and for good reason — with 2 lily pad walks, 2 cable drops, 3 cannonball chutes, 2 body slides, a jumping rock, a shallow swim area. Yep, there’s a whole lot to do in just one pool area. 

My kids will always wait to do the cable drops. I have yet to give it a go myself, but it is a ton of fun watching everyone else try!

Tadpole Bay

My younger kids really love Tadpole Bay, and I love that the water in this area is really warm. I have kids who won’t go in the water if it is too cold (and neither will I if I’m being honest), so this area is great for them. 

Noah's Ark

Time Warp 

Are you prepared to slide through the portal into the World’s Largest Bowl Ride? Time Warp is the thrilling water ride that throws time for a loop. Wave goodbye to the present as your 4-person raft sets off into the Great Unknown, then plunges into the warp at hyper speed and takes a wild spin through time and space.

Sting Ray 

Stingrays are known for blending into their surroundings, then getting you when you least expect it. This ride may look gentle, but there’s a reason it’s consistently ranked as one of the scariest rides in the Park! As the only double slide of its kind in the country, you can choose to ride single or double, facing your partner (so you can watch each other scream!).

Bonus — the splash pad at the Stingray exit was a place I could not get my younger kids to leave. They just loved running and jumping around in the water sprinklers, and loved splashing other people!

Bonus Pick – Cabanas

If you’ve ever been to a water park like this one, you know that finding a place to put all your stuff and set up a ‘home base’ so to speak can be tricky. All the good lawn chairs in the shade are gone, or there aren’t enough of them in one spot for everyone. 

This is why we always like to get a private cabana when we go to Noah’s Ark. It allows us a more secluded and semi-private area to store our things, and we will always be in the shade if we want to sit and relax. I totally took a nap in ours while our 2yr old napped. 

Cabanas are truly worth it, especially if you have little kids or are bringing a crowd!

About Noah’s Ark Waterpark

Noah’s Ark – America’s Largest Waterpark is ranked the #5 waterpark in the U.S. in 2016 by Trip Advisor and won the Certificate of Excellence Award for the past six years and is ranked in the top 18 Waterparks in the world for the first time (Trip Advisor and Fodors.com). Noah’s Ark is a sprawling 70-acre Waterpark located in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin and is the place you’ll find all the hottest waterslides for thrill-seekers, families, and for the little ones! Grab a surfboard and try your skills on “Surfing Safari!” and careen up and down Black Anaconda. Then take a few drops down Scorpion’s Tail: America’s First Looping, near Vertical Waterslide. 


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Thanks to Noah’s Ark for providing my family with passes to experience this park. Opinions are my own.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Thompson, Flickr