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My husband and I are pretty particular when it comes to our shower heads. When remodeling a bathroom we want pieces that have great design, work well, and are easy to install as well.

We prefer a handheld shower because it makes it so much easier to clean yourself up everywhere you need to, but it also makes cleaning up the shower itself easier as well!

best shower head - how to change a shower head

We are also pretty particular about where to buy the best shower head for our bathrooms. I’ve got my favorite place to buy, plus a tutorial on how to change a shower head — check it out, it’s super easy!


Where To Buy The Best Shower Head

There are lots of places to look for what you need, but where can you buy the best shower head for your next project?

We’ve found that eFaucets not only carries all the top brands you’d expect but has an amazing selection of high-quality kitchen and bath products that are all at great prices with free shipping (over $35)! 

best shower head

They also offer 60-day returns and lots of support! The fact that they have Wisconsin based product experts is a plus for me because, well, I have a small liking for my home state. 🙂

We recently picked out this Brizo H2Okinetic 2/1 shower head and it was a cinch to install! Plus it looks pretty darn fantastic in our bathroom as well. 

best shower head - how to change a shower head

We got the Luxe Nickel finish and it matched the existing fixtures perfectly. There are five different finishes, so you are sure to find one that works for you too!

If you are looking for Moen, Delta, Kohler, or any of the other top brands, you can find those too!

How To Change A Shower Head (with Video)

I didn’t realize how easy it was going to be to change a shower head until we received our new Brizo hand-held shower head. The directions tell you to screw it on and hand tighten everything. How easy!

I thought we were going to need all kinds of tools and supplies, but you don’t!

My husband was kind enough to do a short little video of the whole process, from removing the old shower head to putting the new one on and making sure it works properly. 

Here is a quick before and after to show the difference.



Just that simple change brought some new life to the bathroom, but I’ve still got a bit of decorating to do!

Next up is designing a few new pieces of decor with my Cricut Cutting Machine. I’ve got lots of crafts and Cricut tutorials if you want to check out what I’ve come up with in the past!

I’ll be updating with the bathroom progress as we go so be sure to follow me on Instagram and like my Facebook page to see the progress!

Head to eFaucets for your next kitchen or bathroom project! They’ve got a great selection of the best shower heads and more with amazing prices!

How To Change A Shower Head (step-by-step)

Here’s a quick step by step picture tutorial of the whole process (or just watch the video) 😉

Remove the old shower head. You may or may not need pliers for this.

Be sure to remove any old washers if still inside.

Screw on the new one and hand tighten.

Attach one end of the hose to the shower head and one end to the wand.

Turn on your shower and double check the joints for any leaks (you may simply need to tighten a little more if you have any). 

You’ve just changed a shower head!