Finding the best wireless Bluetooth headphones for on-the-go has been a priority recently. I am constantly on the move. From two kids in different school activities to two kids under three who need my constant attention, to my part-time job, to working at home– you could say I’m a go-getter.

I’m also on my phone a lot because I need to have easy access to my emails and important calls. The problem I have is having to carry the phone or wrestling with a mess of cords when I use earbuds, so wireless headphones is a must. 

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Why I Decided on Jabra Halo as the Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

jabra-halo-review-Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


The headphones are a very sleek design, with everything you need to get started in just a few minutes. The power, volume, and voice control buttons are simple and easy to use. And the magnetic earbuds are a great touch. The can ‘stick’ together so they don’t get all tangled up and are out of the way. They also have a spot on each band where there is a magnetic zone for the buds to fit. I find I don’t use that as often because it isn’t the easiest to find the zone on the fly, so I just let them come together and hang on my chest. 



The quality of sound is great for both music and phone calls. I talk in the car a lot when I’m on long trips because it helps keep me awake and no one has ever complained about the call quality or told me they could hear any wind, air conditioning, or other background noise.

I’m very pleased with how well these have been working out for me so I usually make sure to grab these before I head out the door, pop one of the buds in my ear (leave the other out so I can hear other things while driving) and I’m good to go. 

Easy to Set Up and Use

It really took less than five minutes to get the best wireless Bluetooth headphones set up and paired with my device. You simply pop it out of the box, choose your size of earbud cover if needed, and the headphones will guide you through the whole process once you turn them on. 

jabra-halo-smart-Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

As I mentioned before, the buttons are all in easy to access places as well, so using the headphones is a breeze. 

Great Price

The Jabra Halo Smart Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones is my pick for the best wireless Bluetooth headphones because of all the reasons listed above, and because the price is great. Coming in and under $80.00 (on sale right now for $59.99), these are an amazing deal! Great quality and a great price!





I was provided a free set of headphones in exchange for review, opinions are my own.