Your roof is the most important system in your home. Most people think their roof’s only job is to protect against the elements from getting in, but it can also help to keep heat and cooling costs down. Roofs can and should be energy efficient. According to Energy Star, a new “cool roof” can help to shave thousands of dollars off your energy bill. A cool roof can lower the roof’s surface heat by about 50 degrees in the summer heat. Learn more about why the roof of your home should be energy efficient.

Roof Replacement Benefits

A new roof can add instant value to your home. According to the experts, replacing your roof can give you a return on your investment of about 85%. Some estimates for gains on a new roof for your home put the gains at 100%. In other words, adding a new roof may pay for itself if you plan on selling your home in the next few years.

If you are not planning on selling, of course, there are still plenty of benefits to having an energy-efficient roof installed. Energy-efficient roofs will cut your energy costs by potentially thousands of dollars. Of course, there is nothing like peace of mind knowing that your roof system is highly functional and something you will not have to worry about for years to come.

On average, a roof can last about 20 years, unless, of course, you have a metal roof. Steel or aluminum roofs can last about 50 years on average. Zinc and copper roofs can last over 100 years. For most homeowners, having their roofs replaced is a one-and-done deal. They never have to worry about dealing with roof problems again.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Energy-efficient roofs for your home are not only good for your home but are good for the environment. It is everyone’s responsibility to make good choices for the environment. An energy-efficient roof will save you money, it will add value to your home, and it does help the environment. When you use less energy, you reduce your family’s carbon footprint. An energy-efficient roof makes it easy to reduce your carbon footprint without having to do anything.

You do not have to sacrifice comfort to keep your energy use down when you have an energy-efficient roof. It is an easy way to make a difference in the environment.

New Roofing Technology

Over the last two decades a lot of research and development has gone into improving roofing materials to make them more energy-efficient. There has never been a better time to be in the market for a new roof. There is a wide range of options available to choose from.

PVC, TPO, and Elastomeric Coating are all some of the technologies that are used in roofing now to deliver the height of energy efficiency. Energy Star-rated shingles are rated for energy efficiency to help homeowners make easy decisions about their roofing materials.

The type of energy-efficient roofing options that are available largely depends on where you live and what the climate is like. For example, we mentioned “cool roofs”. These types of roofs are typically installed in regions like Arizona, Florida, and Las Vegas where controlling cooling costs is a priority. Other regions that have a colder climate use other energy-efficient roofing materials to keep the warm air in.

Choose Energy Efficiency

If it is time to install a new roof, why not choose an energy-efficient roof? You may pay a little more upfront, but the savings that you will receive on your energy costs will easily balance out the additional cost. Making your home more energy-efficient can be as simple as choosing the right materials for your new roof.

Talk to your roofing company about the energy-efficient options that they have available to learn more about how a new roof can save you tons of money. You will be glad you did.