This year I thought we were going to be different. I thought that once school started and the kids began bringing home all of their wonderful art projects, awesome homework assignments, and stellar report cards that we would promptly display them, then file them away.

Who was I kidding….

My husband and I both work two jobs, and life is busy, and – well, you get the idea of best laid plans and all.

So we have school papers piled on our dining room table waiting to be sorted. We have art projects that need to be hung for display, and we just have too little time to stay on top of that in addition to everything else in the day.

If I’m being honest here, I was pretty darn tired of all the piles of paper so the idea of having something, anything that could help me organize this a bit — priceless.

art gallery

I heard about my art gallery from a colleague and thought it was worth a shot. It couldn’t be any worse than what we currently had. When we received the system in the mail it came in this really useful and sturdy box – which in and of itself will be great for storing projects after we’ve had them on display for a bit. I really liked the first impression!

art gallery box

So after taking everything out of the box I quickly realized that you have three choices for displaying art, homework, etc. You can use the full three set of display boards (I have two set up this way) and hang them on any magnetic surface with the very sturdy magnet.

art gallery magnet

art gallery hang2

You can use a single frame with the easy to insert frame stand pieces.

art gallery frame

art gallery frame back

Or you can hang any number of the frames by securing to a wall. I chose not to use this method as the magnet works perfectly well and I didn’t want to drill any holes in my wall.

So the best part about using this isn’t the fact that you can use it in three different ways, or that you can simply slide each piece of art right into the frames, or that you can change the orientation from vertical to horizontal at any time. No, the best part about this is that each frame can hold up to 35 works of art. Yes – THIRTY FIVE! I mean, for a family that has piles of papers to be reckoned with, this is going to give us a bit of a reprieve when it comes to having to deal with papers on a daily basis. Yes, I’m stoked!



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So tell us…

What is the first masterpiece you would display?




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