My Birthday Treat: Spending time with my boys!

On my birthday last week, I decided to have a date with my two boys! We ordered some pizza, popcorn, and Rootbeer and nestled in at the local theater to see “The Good Dinosaur”. I think this is going to be my newest favorite movie, and I cannot wait for it to reach  Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere February 23, so we can add it to our home collection. Check out my The Good Dinosaur review below.

the good dinosaur review

The Good Dinosaur Review

The picture quality of this film was astonishing! It was so life-like and bright! It is really no surprise it is being nominated at the Golden Globes for the “Best Animated Feature”.

Both my children were at the edge of their seats the entire movie! There were so many action scenes,  multiple scenery changes, and different climatic events taking place that it was impossible to look away. 

As a parent, I loved the exposure to a variety of different themes that are relevant to our lives growing up, so much emotion to this movie!  I love how The Good Dinosaur depicted a wonderful message of finding yourself and making your mark on the world. In order to make your mark, you have to know your value/worth, fight for your dreams, and face your biggest fears. 

I also thought the theme of friendship was so well done! The bond and friendship established between Arlo and Spot, had such a deep meaning, but also demonstrated to our young ones, that what you want may not always be what is best for someone else. Each and every person has a different goal and a different path. Plus, Spot starts off as an enemy to Arlo, so again, what a great demonstration on how your worst enemies can become your best friend. How even the least likely person, may be the one person you need the most. Every time the two of them had a “moment” my son seemed to snuggle in a bit closer, got a bit teary eyes, and tell me he loved me!

My oldest son got a huge kick out of this scene where the three T’Rex’s acted like Cowboys! The kids were excited to help me with my The Good Dinosaur review and wanted you to know that the movie is a winner!

the good dinosaur review

If you have already seen the movie, here is an new clip to hold you over tell the movie is released!

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