sadness-man-in-the-shadow-1368461366ES7Grief is, unfortunately, something that we all go through when we lose someone close to us – a loved one, family member, close friend, even a pet – and we all deal with it in different ways. Some people react in a positive way with a “life must go on” theory, while others feel as though their world has come crashing down around them.

Whichever side of the coin you fall down on, you are not on your own and you’re by no means the only person who acts in such a way. Everyone is different and our emotions mean that we cope or react in our own ways, there is no right or wrong way to react to grief but what is vital is that you remain proactive wherever you can.

One good thing about the high profile news story around the shootings in Colorado back in 2012, (search for Colorado shooting 2012 to see stories and information if you want to read up on it), is that those affected were strong and reacted in a positive way, many setting up charities in the names of those who were killed to ensure their memories lived on.

It will obviously be difficult given how much the person meant to you, but if you can find a way of letting go of things that are constant reminders of them then you will find that you overcome the grief much more effectively. You don’t have to throw everything in the bin, keep some things as reminders are great, but a room full of their things won’t necessarily help your state of mind to improve.

Trying to stay busy is a very common, and very effective, method of overcoming grief. Throwing yourself into your work, your hobbies or however else you normally relax to get away from everyday stresses will help to take your mind off the grief, preventing your mind from wandering and making things worse.

Possibly the best thing you can do is to surround yourself with those who care about you. They might have been affected by their loss in a similar way to you, and you can help to get each other through it in your own ways in your own time. Friendship, family and support are always great for letting your emotions go. There is no shame in crying, especially around those who are wanting to do the same. Provide a shoulder to cry on for your friend or loved one, and they’re more than likely to do the same for you.


 Photo Credit: Sadness Man In The Shadow by George Hodan