#LoveIsInTheDetails. This is the hashtag we’ve been using as part of my partnership with Philips Avent. As a mom, this resonates with me. I know that the little things matter.

I know that the little moments all add up and forge our relationships, drive our child’s growth, and create long-lasting bonds. I know those little details are all going to be memories one day, and I’ll eventually look back and miss those little moments. A hand to hold, a diaper that needs changing, an extra hug at bedtime. The little things.

Focus on The Little Moments

When I make the decision to use a product for my baby, this is why I want it to be a product I know will work, from a company I trust. I want to use products that are best for my baby so I can focus on those little moments and not worry about whether or not I’m making the right decisions on things. Things like how to feed my child shouldn’t be hard decisions. Philips Avent has been making it easy for a long time and the bottles are ones I recommend to anyone.

I’ve been using the Avent Classic Bottles for nine years now (that’s four kids), and the one-piece anti-colic system that is integrated into the nipple makes these bottles so easy to use and clean. Philips Avent is a name I trust, and the Classic Bottles have always worked well for us, making feeding time simple and enjoyable no matter who is feeding the baby. 

Snapchat- #LoveIsInTheDetails

When the Little Things Matter – For the Last Time

My youngest, now six months old, is getting to the point where he is almost able to hold his own bottle. I’m a little sad at the fact that he’s moved on from the Natural bottles that we use when I am primarily breastfeeding because this means that soon he won’t be using a bottle at all, and soon he’ll be walking and talking and — oh, all those little moments that happen when they are young!

Little Things Matter

My youngest rolling over to get his toy, he was so excited!

These will be the last little moments I get to experience so each one is a bit more emotional for me. #LoveIsInTheDetails really rings true, because I know these moments are not here long. Perhaps if I can slow time down and make them last just a bit longer……


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Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Philips Avent and I received Compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog post, The Little Things Matter, are my own.