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The Lone Ranger is one of those movies that I thought would look good in the previews and then I would hate it.. The movie was hyped up quite a bit in the circles I run in (Disney movie lovers), and I honestly didn’t think it would be a story that really appealed to me. When the chance came to see the movie on Blu-ray and check it out for myself, I just had to see what the hype was about.

Thoughts on The Lone Ranger

First, let me say that the movie is almost nothing like you think it will be. At least for me anyway. If you are expecting a rough and tough shoot-em up Western you’ve got the wrong movie. Yes there are gunfights and explosions and all the other typical items in a western, but this movie has much more. It has an interesting plot, although twisted and somewhat predictable at times, and it has Johnny Depp. This wouldn’t normally be a plus for me in a movie about old railroad companies and cowboys, however, Depp brings a comedic quality to the movie that really makes it what it is — a really fun and exciting action/comedy film. It is honestly a movie I could see both myself and my husband enjoying together. We usually don’t have the same taste in movies, but The Lone Ranger has qualities we both would enjoy.

If you have a movie lover of any type in your family I would suggest you run to the nearest store and pick up a copy of The Lone Ranger for Christmas or any other holiday you celebrate. It is sure to be a hit in any home!

About The Lone Ranger

Synopsis: Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer star in The Lone Ranger, from Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Director Gore Verbinski. It’s a wild ride of high velocity action, explosions and gunfights that brings the famed masked legend to life through brand-new eyes. The Lone Ranger (Hammer), the last of his kind, teams with Tonto (Depp), a dark and mysterious vigilante, to seek vengeance after justice has failed them. It’s a runaway train of epic surprises, as these two unlikely heroes must learn to work together before the ultimate showdown between good and evil explodes.

Cast: Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Alice in Wonderland) as Tonto, Armie Hammer (The Social Network, Mirror Mirror) as John Reid/Lone Ranger, Helena Bonham Carter (Fight Club, The Kings Speech) as Red Harrington, Tom Wilkinson (Batman Begins, Michael Clayton) as Latham Cole, Ruth Wilson (Anna KareninaCapturing Mary) as Rebecca Reid, William Fichtner (Black Hawk Down, The Dark Knight) as Butch Cavendish

Director: Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean franchise)

Screenplay: Justin Haythe (Revolutionary Road, Snitch), Ted Elliott (Pirates of the Caribbean franchise) & Terry Rossio (Pirates of the Caribbean franchise)

Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Caribbean franchise)

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So tell us…

Have you seen the Lone Ranger yet? Who on your holiday shopping list would love this film?



The Mommy Bunch received a copy of The Lone Ranger for review purposes, all opinions are my own.