The other day I was joking around with my husband that I was going to get a big car magnet for my blog and he was going to have to drive around with it on the side of his car.

To my astonishment, he said I should get one and that he would totally drive around with it on his car.


Okay, so I kinda, maybe, figured he might be up for it. But you never know with guys.

Off I went in search of magnets.

I found an amazing selection at magnets on the cheap. I was actually quite surprised at how affordable they were because I was honestly expecting to have to pay an arm and a leg to get one magnet. I ended up with three.   :-D



I have two exactly like this one, and one more that I have for my Flourish direct sales business. Two are on my car, and this one my lucky husband gets to drive around and showcase!

Here it is a little further away (click to enlarge):

2007 camry


Magnets on the cheap; great advertising tools

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how these were going to turn out. I had never ordered magnets before, and since these were a discounted price, I thought maybe the magnets wouldn’t be as good of quality as some other places.

I was wrong!

These turned out so good that I plan on purchasing a few more once I get my new sites up and running. The picture quality is amazing, and the magnets have been holding strong. They really are good, quality magnets and I would recommend them if you are ever looking for an affordable way to advertise!

All your advertising needs, “on the cheap!”

If you are looking for magnets, banners, or signs, check out the full line of great, affordable advertising materials available at their three stores: