Gah! I wasted another strip, and now it’s another trip back to the store. If you are like me, you are a bit selective as to where you decide to hang those hooks with adhesive strips because lets face it — refills aren’t all that cheap!

Okay, it may or may not be news to you but I’ll admit it — I’m a stickler for saving money. Yes, I love me some high end things now and then, however, if something comes along that helps me save a buck or two while still working great – I’m all over it!

Recently I was introduced to the most amazing product I have encountered this year. I literally squealed for joy when I found out about these little reusable hooks because not only can you reuse them over and over — you don’t have to replace any dang strips! If you place it in the wrong spot, you can just re-position it and continue on. This is so much better than having to make sure it is perfect the first time, because yeah — I’m not so great at that kinda stuff.  🙂

gecko hooks

I’m a mom, I get excited about things like this. I think buying stock in this would be a great idea because I seriously cannot rave about these enough. So far I’ve tried the 5lb hook behind my desk at work. I use it to hold my sweaters as well as my purse. It has been holding up great so far.

gecko hook1

The lighter hooks are great for keys, umbrellas, or picture frames, or really anything. The best part is that these work on so many different surfaces, and all you need to remove them is to peel the corner back, or use a hairdryer to help loosen it if it’s been there for a while.  Oh — and these can be used in the shower too, they are water-proof!  So much better than those big suction hooks that constantly fall down on us.

Perfect for School!

Kids will love these because it is easy to move stuff around in their lockers. Teachers will love these because they can hang anything they desire, take it down when done and then use it again! Parents will love these because organizing all those backpacks and school items will be a breeze.

We have a couple of hooks hanging in our entry way where each child can come in and hang their backpack. The goal is to keep the house from being overrun by school items and keep everything easily accessible. I’d say mission accomplished with this one!

GeckoTech reusable hooks


If you’d like more information on how these hooks work, or what type of surfaces they are best used on, visit the GeckoTech website or visit the Duck brand on Facebook!



Thank you to Duck brand for introducing me to this awesome product and providing me with hooks to try!