Recently I had some family members ask me about the types of baby gates I used for my kids.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not some kind of baby gate aficionado or anything, but I had one in my house that they really liked, and they wanted to know what I thought of it and where I got it from.  My kids are beyond needing a baby gate at this point, but my family members have a crawler in the house, and they would like to put a gate on their staircase.

The bottom of their staircase is free standing (away from any walls) so they were looking for something that would be easy to open, yet didn’t have to attach permanently.  The gate I used in my home extended out to 11ft and did secure to the wall with screws, so it wasn’t exactly what they were looking for.  I have been able to do a little research and found a few that might not only be useful for them, but for anyone else who is looking for a stair or safety gate.

I found a company online, TESCO, that offers the widest range of stair and safety gates, and I think has exactly what they are looking for.  They have several models that are not only pressure gates (meaning they don’t need to be secured to the wall with screws), but they also have a gate that can be opened so you don’t have to try to climb over the top of it every time you want to go up the stairs.  Here are three models that I think would look great in their home:


As you can see, all of these can sit between any opening using just pressure, and have gates that allow you to walk through easily without having to step over the gate, or remove the entire thing each time you want to get through.  I’m thinking this is exactly what they are looking for, and probably what quite a few other people have been looking for as well!


Written by Jesica.


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