Thanks to Zaycon Fresh for the pork tenderloin fillets, all opinions are my own. 

zaycon pork grilled

These bacon wrapped tenderloin fillets have become our favorite thing to grill, and the whole family really loves them! They are super simple to make on the grill, and the best part is that they are individually packaged with the bacon already wrapped around the fillets!

To grill you simply place the desired number of pork fillets on a pre-heated grill directly over the heat. You want to keep them on the high/hot heat for a few minutes each side to get a nice sear, then you can lower the heat just a bit to let them cook through. Always test for doneness with a meat thermometer, but each time I’ve made these it has taken less than 20 minutes to complete cooking through.

zaycon pork pregrilled

Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin fillets – where to get them

If you love bacon, and you love pork tenderloin fillets, you are going to love these fresh fillets from Zaycon Fresh! What I love about Zaycon Fresh is that not only is the food high quality, but the price is great as well. They are able to pass along great prices because they do what is called ‘sales events’. These events are super easy and convenient, and you simply order your product along with other families in the area (each person orders for themselves but orders are all bulk delivered to a pre-determined location), and then go pick up your fresh product on the delivery date. You don’t even need to get out of the car!

More than just pork…

Zaycon Fresh offers a variety of products that follow the direct farm-to-consumer model. In the past, we’ve ordered chicken and loved that as well. They also have beef, fish, turkey, and a few spices that you can add on to your order. Find all their great products and sales events in your area here: Zaycon Fresh


So tell us…

What is the last thing you grilled up this summer?
Have you ever thought about the direct-to-consumer purchase idea?