Give your pet the gift of HEALTH this year!


Tis the season to try and be extra cautious on what we eat, to lower the threat of adding pounds, especially with less abilities to be active!  Same theory with your pet! (Although this should be a year around concern)

When looking for quality dog food here are the top things to look for when reading the label:

  1. A specified meat listed as ingredient ONE. Some meats/proteins will be easier to digest for your pet versus others so some trial and error may happen. Remember, your pets are carnivores by nature!
  2. No beef or bone meal or “meat” by-product/animal-digest. This really should not be labeled “meat”, you just don’t know what your getting into with these mystery meats!
  3. Whole fruits and vegetables- no corn meal, brewers rice or other fillers that have zero nutritional value.  *Some of the Evanger’s products do contain a percent of potato product or brewers dried yeast, which does have a low nutritional value, and also Alfalfa meal, which is generally in horse feed, but does carry a high level of protein. However, this brand of dog food overall is rated 4.5/5 out of 5 stars from
  4. Foods that are highly palatable.
  5. Prebiotics and Probiotics that will help aid in digestion and promote a healthy intestinal tract.
  6. Omegas 6 and 3’s, and fatty acids to help in gaining a beautiful and healthy coat.
  7. Vitamins and minerals- designated for cellular health, immunity and disease resistance.
  8. No artificial food coloring, preservatives, etc. *Some products do contain Canola oil, which could contain GMOs.
  9. An added personal request of mine is to buy from a family owned and operated businesses that hand pack their foods, and regularly test for safety and quality. (Evanger’s, family owned and celebrating 75 years!)

How does Evanger’s Stack Up?

I am not sure I could have been any more thrilled with the samples I received in the mail from Evanger’s Dog Food! Not only are the above requirements met, this food is approved for adult consumption, or as they call it “People food for pets”. Additionally, my pets were very eager samplers!

PLUS, all ingredients are made right here in the USA.

Look at Ms. Emmie Girl waiting so patiently for me to put the bowl down…


 … Proof is in the “I simply cannot wait attitude!” This food is pretty good in their opinion!

food2  food3

Plus, Evanger’s was voted the best pet food in 2014 by The BIG 1, pet product news international.


They also have excellent options for treats that are low calorie- grain free and have a single source of protein

If you are looking for the prefect gift for your pets this year, don’t forget – the gift of health is always a winning choice!

So tell us…

Which pets on your list would love an awesome treat from Evanger’s?

Thank you Evanger’s for the great samples.