oz_travel by bubble

Do you dream of traveling by bubble? Or are you more interesting in learning the makings of a Wicked Witch?



Either way, you will want to check out Brit + Co.’s 15 DIY projects inspired by balloons, emeralds, and of course, the yellow brick road in order to throw the ultimate Oz The Great And Powerful party in honor of the film opening in theaters next week!

First, check out this trailer and see just how amazing traveling by bubble truly would be, then take a sneak peak at some of the awesome cakes, balloons, and party ideas Brit + Co. has to share.

All I can say about these cakes are YUM!

Have burnt out light bulbs? Try these Light Bulb Hot Air Balloons!

Here are some Hot Air Balloon and Lollipop Cookies. A bright and colorful way to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Want to see more DIY party fun? Check out the full Oz Party post to see more!

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