This is going to sound a bit strange, but my kids like to say they are sick when they are not…a lot.  I don’t know what it is; they are probably just trying to get that little bit of extra attention, or stay up a couple more minute past bedtime (because it is usually around bedtime when the “I don’t feel good-s” come out). 

When you kids really are sick though, you want something to help soothe any of their discomfort; and if they are running a fever, anything that can help bring it down is a big plus!

When I heard about this new Thermal-Aid Bear, I was instantly intrigued. When my kids do get sick, they often have a fever along with it and sometimes it is really hard to get their temperature down; or they are just very uncomfortable!

The Thermal-Aid Bear is a 100% natural therapeutic heating/cooling treatment pack specifically designed for the medical field, to reduce swelling and relieve pain.  I got the Honey Bear.  Isn’t she cute!?

Since we got the bear, my son was the first one to tell me he didn’t feel good by saying his tummy hurt, so he got first crack at using it.  He has since named the bear Susan, but when I first introduced the bear to him I said, “Oh no, you don’t feel good!  I have just the thing for you.”  

Then I went and got the bear and showed it to him.  I told him it was a “helping bear” and it was special because all we had to do was warm it up and it would help make you feel better.  

I stuck it in the microwave as the directions indicated and brought it back to him.  

He was so thrilled that he had this special bear and has claimed it for his own, not allowing his sister near it, lol. Guess I’m gonna have to get another one…didn’t see that one coming, a five year old and three year old not wanting to share, no way!

In all honesty this bear is great.  It really does serve a purpose, and that is to help kids (or adults) reduce their fevers or relieve their pain.  I have only heated the bear the one time for my son, and he has been sleeping with it without heat ever since.  I also know that if he does get sick with a fever, we can throw the bear in the freezer and have a way to help reduce his fever.  


Thermal-Aid” is a revolutionary, 100% natural therapeutic heating/cooling treatment pack specifically designed for the medical field, to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Our researchers worked closely with milling engineers from the largest agribusiness companies in the world to create a line of products, using a unique process, which allows a specialized corn to hold temperatures for long periods of time. This process removes the germ from the kernel, thus removing virtually all the moisture and preventing mold or fungi from forming. The entire process hardens the corn segments, causing an even temperature in each segment, and creating extended temperature retainment (hot and cold). This also extends the life of the corn beyond that of the material it’s sewn into!

Mommy Bunch ApprovedOverall, this is a really great tool to have in your arsenal.  If you have young kids, grand-kids, or just have children on your gift giving list this year, I would consider Thermal-AID as not only a fun gift, but one that is practical too!  In addition to the bears, they have a cute line of zoo animals.  I would check them out today! These aren’t just for kids either, they have a full line of heating or cooling packs that will work for all ages! 

The only thing that I worry about with the bear is that the legs and arms seem like if the kids pull too hard on them they may come off.  My son is pretty rough with his things, so I’m worried he will rip off some parts!  I know they can be easily sewn back on, but it would be nice if they were a little more heavy duty.  


Written by Jesica H.

Disclosure:  The Mommy Bunch was provided a free product to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are our own.  These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, mitigate, diagnose or cure any disease.