My five year old daughter LOVES using her InnoTab 3 when we are taking long car rides, or when she wants a break from playing with her brother and sister. What is great about the InnoTab is that parents can extend the play value by purchasing NEW Learning Cartridges giving greater value to the tablet and allowing it to grow more with your child’s abilities.

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I recently received three new games for her to try out. Two of the games are actually aged more for our younger daughter, but since it is her InnoTab I figured she should play with them first and then could show her sister how to use them in a few months (baby is only 10 months old right now).

More about VTech games

  • A range of educational cartridges are available, offering age-appropriate games, e-Books and more that allow children to progressively learn key subjects such as math, reading and science in steady stages.
  • Interactive e-Books teach reading and vocabulary, while creative activities and camera fun inspire children’s imaginations.
  • Children can learn as they play with their favorite characters from Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Monsters University and more!
  • The cartridges are compatible with all current InnoTab models and will also work with new models that will be released later this year, including the InnoTab MAX (, VTech’s fastest Wi-Fi tablet yet and its first to feature Android™ learning content.

Three new InnoTab Learning Games – Kid Tested!

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vtech nursery rhymesInnoTab My First Nursery Rhymes Learning Cartridge

Find on: Amazon or  VTechKids  (Ages 12-36 months; MSRP: $24.99)

  • Join Cody and Cora on a musical adventure in My First Nursery Rhymes for VTech’s InnoTab Learning Tablets! Listen to nursery rhyme songs, play mini learning games, watch playful animations and learn baby sign language.
  • This InnoTab Learning Cartridge includes 25 popular nursery rhymes, mini games, introduces five baby sign language signs and allows you to customizable parent settings.
  • In lullaby mode, you can set the timer for 15 minutes and play a loop of 5 sleepytime songs to soothe your child to sleep. You can also customize characters and create an avatar that interacts within the songs.

When I asked Bella what she thought of this game, she said it was fun to listen to the rhymes and to show them to baby sister. I think this one may have been a little below her age level, however, I did watch when they were playing and the nursery rhymes are really cute, and baby girl was REALLY interested in watching the stories come to life. Great game for younger kids!

vtech winnie the poohInnoTab Disney Winnie the Pooh Learning Cartridge

Find on: Amazon or  VTechKids

(Ages 12-36 months; MSRP: $24.99)

  • Winnie the Pooh is always hungry for honey in Winnie the Pooh for VTech’s InnoTab Learning Tablets. Help him find his honeypot and learn shapes, colors, opposites and more along the way. Includes fun songs and baby sign language with Roo and Piglet!
  • This InnoTab Learning Cartridge features an e-Book about Pooh and his great day bouncing with Tigger and friends, four sing-along songs with familiar melodies about Winnie the Pooh and friends, and a Music Box plays four sing-along songs in a loop for up to 30 minutes.

Again, this is a game for younger kids, however, Bella did actually enjoy this game anyway. She had a lot of fun doing the activities even though they were pretty simple for her. She made a quick little video to tell you about her favorite parts.

vtech classic storiesInnoTab Classic Stories Learning Cartridge

Find on: Amazon or  VTechKids

(Ages 3-6; MSRP: $24.99)

  • In Classic Stories for VTech’s InnoTab Learning Tablets, children can read three classic stories: The Frog Prince, Pinocchio and The Three Little Pigs, each with three different reading levels.
  • This InnoTab Learning Cartridge includes three learning games which introduce writing, rhyming, phonics, reading comprehension and more.


This was the game that was more suited to Bella’s age level. When I asked her what she liked about this game she told me that she loved hearing the stories read to her. She is very interested in learning to read, so this is a great supplement to keeping her reading enjoyment up!

Check out more about all these games and more by visiting VTech online!


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