If you follow the blog you know that recently my husband and I took our kids on a vacation.  I love to be able to take my family exciting places, and I’m a bit of an adventurist myself so I’m always looking for fun places to visit, but a vacation with the kids is exhausting!

I think it is time to start planning our next trip, however, this time I think I want to plan a trip for just me and my husband.  I want to go some place where we can relax, unwind, and just enjoy ourselves without hustling around to make sure we don’t “miss anything.”  You know how that goes if you have ever taken your kids anywhere, lol.

I want to go some place warm where we can just sit and relax for a day or two, but also enjoy the sites the destination has to offer if we so choose.  I think I would really like to go to Kefalonia.  It is a beautiful Island, just off the coast of Greece.  The weather would be ideal, and if looking for something to do you can always visit St. Georgios Castle, which dates back to the sixteenth century; or the thing I would like to do, explore Drogarati Cave!

You can find out more about this wonderful island by visiting www.kefalonia.co.uk.



Disclosure:  This was a sponsored post in which The Mommy Bunch received compensation, however, all opinions are strictly our own!