Your family has decided to get a pet. While this is an exciting venture, it is also going to require a bit of work. In order to keep your pet safe, here are some tips for pet-proofing your home for you to follow before your new furry friend joins the family.

A Family Project

There are over 75 million pet dogs in the United States, which is more than any other country. While dogs are a great family pet, all of the responsibilities that come along with them typically fall onto the parents. If you would like to teach your children some responsibility and to be sure they understand what can harm their new pet, then make pet-proofing your home become a project for the entire family to embark on.

The Kitchen and Bathrooms

When it comes to pet-proofing kitchens and bathrooms, it is essential to be sure your pet can’t reach or gain access to anything harmful or unhealthy for them to digest. To ensure this, you can use childproof locks for cabinets and be sure to keep garbage covers or lids on tight. Keep foods, cleaning materials, and medications out of reach. Also, be sure to explain to your children to keep the toilet lid down so your new pet doesn’t try to climb inside. Be sure to check your washer and dryer before starting them up so your furry friend doesn’t get trapped inside.

It is important your children understand these rules and possibly new organization methods within your home. Also, be sure small nooks and spaces are blocked off so your new pet doesn’t get stuck or lost. Your kids should know that human foods can hurt their new pet and that allowing your pet to wander without supervision can lead to them getting hurt.

Common Rooms

Pet-proofing your family room, living room, and basement is also important. Your kids’ toys, small knick-knacks, decorations, candles, wires, and plants are objects typically found in common rooms throughout your home. Unfortunately, all of these objects can be very dangerous for your new pet. Be sure your kids understand the importance of cleaning up after themselves so nothing is swallowed or choked on by your pet. Keep these kinds of objects out of reach of your pet.

Be sure your basement is clean as well. Think about covering any means of entrance into the basement your pet can get into without your knowledge. Also, be sure any storage in your basement is organized and doesn’t allow hiding spaces for your pet to get into.


Bedrooms are also important areas to keep clean for curious pets who may wander in. You may even want to keep bedrooms off-limits to your new pet so there are designated play areas and particularly safe areas for your new pet to be in.

If your kids are allowed to bring your family’s new pet into their bedrooms, then be sure they are cleaned and organized so that nothing hazardous, such as small toys, medications, liquids, lotions, and wires, are accessible. Also, be sure clothing is picked up. Socks can be a serious choking hazard for your new pet, and if one is ingested, then other health problems can occur.

With 2.6% of American adults living with bipolar disorder, 6.9% battling depression, and 18.1% experiencing anxiety disorders, having a pet has proven to significantly improve a person’s mood and well-being and help those living with mental health disorders. Therefore, allowing your new pet to snuggle up in bed with you and your children can be a great way to increase happiness in your family’s household. Be sure to keep the bedrooms in your home clean and safe for your pet.

The Garage

Garages can be dangerous areas for new pets if they contain hazardous materials or chemicals. Keep these items on high shelves so your pet can’t reach them. Also, be sure there isn’t a way your pet can enter your garage or exit the garage to the outdoors without your knowledge. You certainly don’t want them to slip away from you and get lost or injured. You may even consider getting a garage door with safety features so your new pet won’t get hurt or escape.

Your Family Car

Outside of the home, be sure your car is safe for your pet to jump into and go to the vet or go on a walk with your family in a local park. If your car is a bit dirty, perhaps it is time to clean up so it’s safe for your new pet. Buying a car carpet is easier than ever; you can purchase it for any make, model, and year dating back to the mid-1940s. With this being said, you can easily purchase a new car carpet so that your pet can’t access anything hazardous that may be currently stuck to the inside of your car.

You may even consider buying seat covers and window covers for the inside of your car. Also, be sure to have a secure, safe spot for your pet to sit when they join you for a car ride.

Getting a family pet is an exciting step for you and your family, so be sure to take the necessary precautions when it comes to providing a safe and comfortable home for your new furry friend.