I was thrilled when asked to participate in the TOMS brand ambassadorship program to support TOMS U.S. giving program. I am bringing this post and #OneforOne news to you as a part of that partnership.

Just the other day I was saying how depressing it is to watch the news. All you hear about is sadness and destruction and corruption. But once in a while you come across a story, or a company, that just makes your whole day better. Something that really restores your hope in humanity once again. For me, today, this story was TOMS. TOMS is on a mission to hand-place one million pairs of new shoes to those in need in the US by the end of 2014.

1000000 shoes

Children in Poverty

Did you know: Nearly half of Native American children live in poverty, making rural reservation communities home to one of the minority groups with the most need in the United States. (Source: nces.ed.gov — in United States.)

native american

“Most of the children we serve do not purchase shoes at retail stores and [before the TOMS shoe distribution] did not know what size they wore. They were excited to learn their size and to know that we would continue to try on shoes until we found the perfect fit. They had an experience of being a customer, of being served, and it was an important experience for them.” – Clay, Program Manager at TOMS Giving Partner National Relief Charities (RememberNativeAmericans.org).

TOMS Gives Back

TOMS has already worked with their giving partners to reach poverty stricken areas in over 60 countries around the world, and TOMS recognizes the opportunity for the company’s support in the U.S. Many children in the U.S. do not have access to the resources they need to stay healthy and in school. This has a tremendous effect on their education and growth. Now, with the help of TOMS’ U.S. Giving Partners (non-governmental organizations), the gift of new shoes will help better equip children for school and physical activities and help increase their self esteem.

TOMS offers the following shoes to students in need (these shoes and boots are not for sale):

toms shoes

You can help!

The concept behind the TOMS One for One program is simple. For every pair of shoes purchased, a pair of shoes will be given to a child in need. There is nothing more to it. You get great shoes, someone else gets great shoes too!

one for one

When you buy a pair of TOMS Shoes, you’re also helping improve the health, education, and well-being of a child.

changing lives

TOMS Giving in the U.S.

Check out this great video showing how TOMS is making a difference!

Learn More

To learn more about TOMS, the one for one mission, and to check out their great line of shoes; visit: www.toms.com