This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dasani and the Coca-Cola Company. All opinions are 100% mine

As the weather changes to colder temperatures and the nights are getting longer and longer I find myself really dogged down. Winter is a time when most people start to really feel burned out, lose energy, and fall into bad eating and drinking habits. I know that I, personally, haven’t been keeping up with my water intake as I should be!

I need to get back on track, and knowing many of you are probably in the same boat as me I thought now would be a great time to list all the great benefits of drinking more water.

Benefits of Drinking Water

According to Mind Body Green“Water intake increases energy and relieves fatigue– since your brain is mostly water, drinking it helps you think, focus and concentrate better and be more alert. As an added bonus, your energy levels are also boosted!” Energy is a huge factor in functioning properly when it comes to my day to day tasks. With four kids to chase around, and lessons to prepare for the classes I teach, I always feel like I’m low on energy. Not getting enough water is one of the culprits. My husband is constantly telling me to drink more water!

Other amazing benefits to drinking water include:

  • Healthy nails, skin, and hair
  • Lubrication of joints and muscles — I can always tell when I am getting dehydrated because my muscles in my back get really stiff!
  • Helps with digestion, flushing out bacteria and toxins and prevents constipation
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Reduces acne, dry skin, and other skin problems
  • Helps fight against the flu by boosting immune system
  • Prevents or remedies headaches and migraine

How do you take your water?!dasani

Do you like your water warm, cold, frozen, with ice, with lemon, spritzed, bubbled, flavored?! My kids love water with a lot of ice straight from the fridge door, as do I!

When I’m on the go, however, a bottle of water is a great way to stay hydrated. My favorite bottled water, Dasani, has a great new look too – a green cap that tells you the bottle is a PET plastic bottle made partly from plant materials. PlantBottle™ packaging pushes the boundaries on sustainable innovation by using groundbreaking technology to create a fully recyclable plastic bottle made from renewable plant materials!

For more information on the PlantBottle or on Dasani’s sustainability initiatives, click here!



So tell us…
Can you think of any other great benefits to drinking more water?
What is your favorite way to drink water? I love mine on ice!


Sarich, Christina. “10 Essential Benefits of Drinking Water, Staying Hydrated.” Natural Society . Sept 17 2014. Web. November 19, 2015.