If you are planning to be away from home this summer, or any time of year, it is a good idea to have a plan to keep your home safe. While some people use security systems, I like to simplify the whole process by just staying connected to my home while I’m away. If I don’t have to worry about what is happening at home, I can usually relax a little more and have a little more fun while on vacation — which is what it’s all about!

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Wireless devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 that I have, or the iPhone 6 that my husband has, paired with U.S. Cellular’s high quality network with national coverage, can simplify our lives by keeping us connected to our home when we are away, around the corner or exploring the country.

Why connect to your home?

  • According to a recent U.S. Cellular survey, 45 percent of smartphone users have used connected home devices in the past month, and 29 percent use this technology daily.
  • According to a U.S. Department of Justice study, crime rates increase more than 10 percent in the summer months.
    • June, July and August are prime months as thieves watch for signs that home owners are away on vacation!
  • Staying connected provides home owners peace of mind that their homes and belongings are safe when away either on vacation or just at work for the day.
    • A growing number of apps and accessories can help home owners stay connected to their homes directly from their mobile devices. For example:
      • The GPS feature on smartphones can track users on their drive home and automatically turn on lighting and appliances. Users can also be alerted if someone gets home and disarms a security system.
      • Smart thermostats allow users to remotely manage home temperature to save money and stay comfortable in changeable weather conditions. And  Wi-Fi-enabled smoke and carbon monoxide alarms alert you to emergencies even if you’re not home to hear the alarm.

Technology to keep you connected to home

Nest is a family of Wi-Fi-enabled devices and apps lets customers maintain comfortable and efficient temperatures, and monitor safety of your home wherever they are.  Smart devices enable you to manage air temperature so you come home to a warm house. You’ll be alerted if the carbon monoxide level builds up so you can take steps to keep your loved ones safe.


Manything for iOS lets you remotely record and monitor motion in your home. Program your HVAC system to keep you comfortable when you’re home, and save you money when you’re away.

Salient Eye for Android devices is similar to Manything, and turns your phone into a home security device. You can track motion, record video and opt in to alerts that let you know what is happening at home.


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