Your priority when you are selecting a convertible car seat is keeping your kids safe. You want a seat that is going to easily install into your vehicle, provide crash protection, and give your child the comfort they deserve. So how do you decide which car seat is going to do all those things and more? What are the top convertible car seats?

For me, I have had the unique ability to test out several brands of car seats over many years. With four kids, we’ve used a lot of car seats, some better than others. Here is the difference I’ve noticed in most convertible car seats.

Five Reasons To Choose Chicco

Ease of Installation

So far there are some that have been really easy to install, some that have been a nightmare, and others that fall right in the middle. The Chicco NextFit iX Zip Convertible Car Seat is the latest seat we have tried and it is right at the top for ease of installation.

What I really like about this seat is the SuperCinch® tightener that helps you get the seat really secure without a ton of effort.

The only thing I will note about this seat that is a little confusing at first is when you swap from rear-racing to forward-facing. You have to lift up a little plastic piece and slide the latch connectors to the other side. After a bit of playing around, I did figure this out. :)


Or in other words, how long is my kid going to be able to fit in this seat? Most car seats have similar height and weight limitations, but you do want to check with each manufacturer’s limits before you purchase. If you have a really tall child, they may not last very long in a seat with a lower height limit.

The Chicco NextFit has a removable infant insert (great for using from birth!), and a maximum weight limit of 65 lbs (forward-facing) and a height limit of 49″. My four-year-old is not even half that weight so I know she can fit in this seat for some time yet.

In addition, the NextFit has a 9-position leveling system so you get an accurate fit in a wider range of vehicles and an easy-pull, force-multiplying harness tightener for a snug and secure child fit with less effort.


While it isn’t the top priority, since safety is number one, comfort is important for your child. Especially if they are going to be stuck in a car seat for any length of time. The Chicco NextFit has a padded ComfortFlex® harness system keeps both sides of waist belt out of the way for easy in/out, and there is a ton of padding in the seat to ensure your child will be comfortable. 

Top Convertible Car Seats


In other words, is it a pain in the rear to clean? With the NextFit Zip, the answer is simply, no. The zip & wash seat makes it super easy to clean any spills. The seat pad easily zips out from shell for machine washing without having to disassemble the entire seat to do so.


While safety is the most important, it is almost a non-conversation piece since all seats do have to pass inspection before they can be sold. There are some slight differences in the top convertible car seats, though, like the steel-reinforced frame in the Chicco NextFit with EPS energy-absorbing foam that is side-impact tested for superior protection.

The NextFit iX Zip Convertible Car Seat is great both rear and forward facing, but don’t forget to read about when to turn around your car seat and Chicco’s TurnAfter2 campaign!






I was provided a free car seat in exchange for this review on top convertible car seats. All opinions are my own.