We have always been big fans of the original game in our household. My son had to have the latest cards every year, and he traded them on the bus, at school, or anywhere he could find someone willing to play along. Top Pokemon toys is a natural progression.

With the release of the Pokemon GO app, we have been reinspired in our love of all things Pokemon and coming up with this list of fun toys was really easy. My kids love (and have most of) the stuff on this list, and any kid from 2 to 92 is sure to have a blast playing with these top Pokemon toys!

Top Pokemon Toys

In A Hurry?

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Action and Pretend Play

My kids love when they can use their imagination when not playing the actual app. These action figures are great for pretend play, some come with more than one character option so be sure to click through to check them all out!


Plush Figures

What kid doesn’t love a nice plush figure to snuggle up with? These options are cute, fun, and ready for some hugs!

Storage Sets

Got figurines or cards? You are definitely going to want a place to store them so they don’t end up all over the house. My son has the card binder, which has been a life-saver on keeping track of all his cards, and the figurine cases keep the toys organized and out of the hands of curious younger siblings. 



We currently have the Pokemon Monopoly game and love playing it. We are ready to add the 3DS game and the On A Roll game to our game cabinet – we always love a fun new game to play!

Doesn’t this Pokemon Monopoly game look like tons of fun?!
top pokemon toys monopoly


Cards are where it all started. And as I’ve learned, they are not just for collecting. The cards are a game and you want to trade with other people to try to get the cards you need in your deck in order to have the best chance of winning (so I’m told by my kids ).

pokemon card game 

Collectibles and Other Fun Stuff

Sometimes it is just fun to have some kitschy stuff, and sometimes those things are cool to carry around too. My kids would love this lunchbox to take to school!


Search For Even More Top Pokemon Toys!

Have any games that you would add to this list? Let us know!



Thanks to Sadie Hernandez, Farley Santos, and Kelly Teague for use of their photos (Flickr).