Thinking about planning your first family reunion? Or perhaps your family loves to have one every year. Whatever the case may be, reunions are a great way for family members to stay in touch and get together once a year or so.

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Summer is usually the optimal time for these events since kids are out of school and weather is favorable for traveling.  Check out these fun theme ideas when planning your next family reunion:

Family Reunion Themes

  1. Who do you think you are?  Take the time you have together to update your family tree.  Have everyone bring photos and relevant dates to add to your collection.  Give everyone a link to the family tree so everyone can appreciate your heritage.
  2. County Fair.  Host a chili cook-off or pie bake-off at your next reunion.  Share your favorite recipes and enjoy some old fashioned good cooking. Play games like gunny sack races, three-legged races, bean bag toss and egg on a spoon races.  Go back to a time when life was simpler and moved at a slower pace.
  3. Welcome to the Old West.  Host a water gun shoot out at the OK Corral.  Provide straw cowboy hat and bandanas for everyone to get into the mood. Have fun games like horseshoes, shoot ping pong balls off the top of old root beer bottles with water guns, have a ring toss by gluing old root beer bottles to a square piece of plywood, use saw horsed and secure bull horns to lasso.  Take family photos with a sepia tone to create lasting memories.
  4. Family Olympics.  Hose some fun races to spur on family competitions.  Create your own games or use games inspired by the Summer Olympics.  Set up an archery station, a relay race, ping pong tournament, and darts.  Be creative and include activities for everyone to participate in.
  5. Hawaiian Luau.  Host a pig roast to get the party started.  Play games like limbo, hula hoop contests, play island music, and provide everyone with a silk flower leis and grass skirts.  Host a “My Tie” contest and award prizes for the most unique ties.
  6. 50’s/60’s Rock and Roll.  Set up a dance floor and hire a DJ to play the best hits from the 50s and 60’s. Have a costume and dance off contest.  Serve malts and take a step back in time.
  7. Fiesta.  Serve a taco and burrito bar with all of the trimmings.  Hang up some piñatas filled with candy for the kids, play pin the tail on the donkey and have a salsa contest.
  8. Christmas in July.  It’s tough for families to all get together for the holidays so host your own.  Have a Christmas cookie exchange and an elephant gift exchange.  Have an old-fashioned Christmas carol sing-a-long, write your own version of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” and have Reindeer Game races.
  9. Sports Tournament.  Serve hot dogs and burgers on the grill.  Play games like softball, badminton, volleyball, croquet or horseshoes.  Have teams create their own uniforms.  Include sports game trivia and see who knows more, the guys or the gals.
  10.  Viva Las Vegas.  Serve foods cut out in card suit shapes like diamonds, spades or hearts.  Play bingo, roulette, blackjack, or poker.  Kids would enjoy Monopoly or other board games. Do impressions of your favorite Vegas entertainers.

Family reunions are all about catching up and making memories.  Sharing stories, laughing and making new family members feel a sense of belonging are what makes reunions a highly anticipated event.  Choose a theme and have organized activities to make sure everyone is included and has a great time.

Don’t forget to enlist the help of other family members in carrying out any tasks – while Family reunions can be fun, you don’t want to be the one stuck doing all the event planning and organizing or it could take the fun out of it for you.




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