Do you have an office gift exchange coming up? Looking for the perfect gift for your boss? Your coworker is leaving and you’d like to get them a parting gift?

I’ve got a great selection of ideas, whether you are looking for sentimental gifts for coworkers, inexpensive gifts, or even the quirky and fun for that person with a sense of humor.

At The Mommy Bunch we take care to recommend items that we hope you’ll enjoy! We may earn a small commission on any affiliate links.

Humorous gifts – For the co-worker with a funny bone

Pet Moody Cards – these hilarious dog pictures tell everyone how you feel. These little guys are perfect for gift exchanges, going away presents, stocking stuffers, or funny gag gifts for your boss or teacher!

These “Happy Little Accident” Bob Ross Bandages are both functional and hilarious. Anyone would be sure to get a kick out of a gift like this!

Complaint department grenade mug — for that coworker who is tired of dealing with everyone’s complaining.

Premium gifts – for that co-worker you actually like

Have a co-worker or boss you really like? Gift them this Wine Country Gift Basket. I’d be delighted to see this big gift basket sitting on my desk, and I’m pretty any recipient of something like this would be beaming with gratitude!

For something a bit more decadent, try this chocolate, caramel, and crunch gift basket. It looks so good that I’m ready to order one for myself right now!

Practical gifts your coworker can actually use

This color changing heat sensitive coffee mug is perfect for the caffeine addict in the office who needs a little coffee before they start their day.

Know someone who is always reheating their coffee in the microwave? No more with this portable Mr. Coffee drink heater/warmer pad!

This touchscreen stylus pen set is sure to be a hit with any co-worker! Great for phones, tablets, touchscreen laptops, and more!

Go through a lot of sticky notes? Get someone this sticky notes on a roll so they can always be prepared!

Last but not least, give the gift of Prime! A prime gift membership is always in style and always in high demand!

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