Can’t stand the idea of another holiday filled with nothing but toys, toys, toys? Is your house already bursting at the seams because your kids just have too many gadgets, gizmos, and toys?! Want to give the grandparents a great alternative list for gift-giving?

Hey – me too! This is exactly my inspiration for coming up with a list of awesome non-toy gifts for kids this holiday season.

Here a list of my top ten non-toy gifts for kids!

  1. Paw Patrol shoe charms – $9.59/8
  2. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty, Super Magnetic Strange Attractor – $12.50
  3. Make-your-own Monster Puppet – $21.59
  4. Scholastic Root View Farm – $28.39
  5. Madpax Bags – $35.00 – $89.95
  6. Star Theatre Pro – $100.20
  7. Non Toxic Talking Animal Hand Tattoos – $7.45/8
  8. SmashFolio Scrapbook – $15.54/set
  9. Backyard Ice Skating Rink – $368.00
  10. Boogie Board Writing Tablet – $25.20

Prices and shipping change often on Amazon. Be sure to confirm all details at final checkout screen! 

More of a visual person? No problem, I’ve got you covered! Here are all those awesome gifts — with pictures!

1. paw patrol shoe charms 2. thinking putty

3. monster puppet 4. root farm

5. madpax 6. star theatre pro

7. animal hand tattoos 8. smashfolio

9. backyard rink 10. boogie board