Your ready. You know a tablet would be a great gift for your son/daughter, but you just don’t know which one to get. That’s where I come in – I’ve scoured the internet (Amazon really), and have found ten of the best tablets I could for you to choose from!

top ten tablets

I’ve narrowed it down, now which one will you choose?

Top Ten Tablets for Kids

  1. The first and most obvious choice for those who really want a tablet that is a heavy hitter, has all the bells and whistles, yet is still designed with kids in mind — The FIRE HD 6 Kids Edition. Coming in at $149.00 shipped with Prime, this tablet has everything YOU would want in a tablet and more, yet comes with a boatload of safety features with kids in mind, including a case and a 2yr worry free guarantee (they will replace it no questions asked). This is the tablet I want, your kids will surely love it!
  2. The next tablet I like is the MEEP X2. I love that this one comes as a set that includes headphones, and that it has a duel core processor. Currently on sale for $109.99 with Prime, this would make a great gift!
  3. Kurio is another brand that seems to have kids in mind. With plenty of safety features, the 10s, 7s, and the Xtreme all are built with kids in mind. Prices range from $59.99 – $179.99 so all you have to do is choose the one that fits your family best.
  4. Another brand that has a great range of products is Nabi. Pricing starts at $99.99 and you can also get some pretty awesome accessories as low as $11.86.
    1. Smaller kids will love the Nabi Jr., designed to maximize your child’s learning potential while allowing you to track milestones.
    2. Nabi2, for slightly older kids, gives great features along with things you’ll love, like a chore list to help kids manage time and make responsible choices.
    3. Nabi XD is great for school aged kids who need something that gives them a the option to create documents, presentations, and more.
    4. The Nabi Dreamtab is perfect for the budding artist. Kids can illustrate original works, learn animation from the pros, make movies, and more!
    5. And finally, the Nabi Big Tab is the largest tablet on the market, designed for the entire family is the ultimate in family tablets.
  5. If price is your main concern, a more inexpensive option is the ProntoTec KidTab. At $49.99 shipped, this is a great starter tablet that still has all the full features you would expect.
  6. The Orbo Jr. is another inexpensive tablet that offers great features. It comes in red, pink, or blue, has a durable case, and can you purchased for $59.95 with prime!
  7. Younger children may not be quite ready for a full featured tablet just yet. This is where one of my favorite brands comes in. The LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra is an amazing award winning tablet with young kids in mind. Built for kids aged 4-9, this thing has everything kids want, and nothing they don’t need. You can track their educational progress in the learning path (online), and if you purchase a LeapPad Ultra right now you will get a free gel skin! On sale for $129.00 with Prime.
  8. You can also purchase an older generation LeapPad, like the LeapPad3 or the LeapPad2 and save a little money. If you aren’t worried about getting the latest technology, this would be a great money saving route to go. Currently $89.95 and $59 respectively, these are a great value!
  9. Another brand that offers tablets designed for younger kids is the InnoTab. The InnoTab3 or InnoTab3s (with wi-fi) are both great learning tablets that can also take external game cartridges to extend the playing and learning experience. My five year old daughter does have the InnoTab3 and loves being able to use it on long car rides. The pink version is the lowest priced in both models right now, currently at $57.48 and $59.99 respectively, a great deal. You can also get a bundle in the blue version for $79.99, and this includes a case, screen protector, and cleaning cloth.
  10. Lastly, for those who don’t really need a tablet that has a lot of features and just need something to doodle with, yet still be able to save those doodles, the Boogie Board is for you! The Boogie Board LCD writing tablet is great for note-taking, drawing, list-making, and more. I have one and love to have the kids practice their spelling using this, hit save, then wipe the slate clean for the next use – this way I can electronically save their progress throughout the years without having a ton of paper lying around. Currently $29.96 shipped with Prime!

Prices and shipping change often on Amazon, be sure to confirm all details at final check out screen.

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