When thinking about the type of vehicle we need for our large family a few things come to mind. Will it fit all of us comfortably, are there features to make the vehicle worthwhile to drive, and does it provide enough power to get us through harsh Wisconsin winters?

Just look at all this snow that we still have in April. Yes, April!

It can be hard to find a vehicle that fits your family perfectly, yet still gives you all of the features you are looking for.

I recently had a chance to try out the Toyota Highlander Limited with AWD and was really impressed by how comfortable the vehicle was, how much room there was for everyone, and how well it handled in the snowy Wisconsin weather.

Driving The Toyota Highlander

My family and I used the Highlander for a week, during which time we drove a vehicle full of energetic boys to a birthday party, drove on icy roads as new snow fell, drove our kids to piano lessons, basketball games, and commuted back and forth to work.

Like most families, we do a lot of running around in our vehicles so we need something that gives us the space to accommodate everyone and provides function. The Highlander does that. 

Here are some of the features I like the best on the Toyota Highlander.

I think my favorite feature has to be the heated AND cooled seats. While it is still pretty cold around here, summer months can bring the heat and those cooling seats will come in handy!

After the seat warmer/cooler, I love the driver recall feature (memory). My husband and I are constantly adjusting the seats in our current vehicles, but hitting a button made me realize this is a feature I will have in my next vehicle.

I love the third row.

We have four kids so a lot of seating is a must. We were able to fit everyone easily, and there was even still enough room for our groceries in the back. 🙂

Another fun feature that was neat to have were the built-in sun shades in the rear windows. The kids really loved this!

We also liked the moonroof that allowed us to check out the stars at night — my daughter loves looking for constellations!

In addition to all these great features, the Toyota Highlander Limited was equipped with AWD, which actually came in handy after a huge snowfall that almost got me stuck in my parent’s unplowed driveway.

If I had been driving my van or my car, I definitely would have gotten stuck in the big snowdrifts, but the Highlander was able to easily power me right out so I could get back on the road and make it to work on time.

Overall, the Toyota Highlander Limited with AWD is a great vehicle for family adventures, trekking through snowing winters, and hauling any cargo you may need to get home!

I’d highly recommend taking one for a test drive to see for yourself!





I was provided a vehicle to test drive to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own.