When the weather warms and backyards have thawed, that delightful phrase is uttered once again in the homes of many families: “go play outside!”

If your kids are already itching to get outside, or even daresay, complaining that they have nothing to do, send them off to explore the out of doors with these great outdoor toys for kids.

From backyard toys to beach and sand tools, we’ve got the hottest warm weather toys for kids. Your kids will be begging to stay outside long after the sun sets with this plethora of games and toys to choose from.

If you are looking for great outdoor toys for kids to give as a gift, this list is perfect as well. Any of these items will surely be a hit with any kid on your list!

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Kubb Outdoor Lawn Game

Game of Kubb set

This wooden game can be played on any flat surface, from the backyard to the beach. Family members of all ages can get in on the fun too. Players take turns tossing a wooden baton to knock over the opponent’s kubbs and eventually the king.

Paint Your Own Rock Art

My kids love to paint any chance they can get. Why not give them an endless supply of canvases by letting them paint rocks?!

Mandala rock painting art set

This mandala rock art set is a great jumping off point for design ideas and to learn about patterns and color mixing, but once the kit contents are gone just grab some rocks, brushes, and paint and set them on their way!

Pool Necessities

We’ve used these baby floats for all four of our children whenever we wanted to spend a day at the pool. It is great because the float allows you to be semi-hands free, helps keep the sun off baby, and lets them experience the water in a relaxed way.

One thing that will keep our kids in the pool and playing for hours is a set of diving pool toys.

pool diving toys

This 23 pack of toys gives lots of different options of things to dive for ensuring no one ever gets bored!


We tried these for the first time this year and they were a hit! Not only do my younger kids love them (because every kid loves bubbles), but my older kids had a blast creating huge amounts of bubbles for the littles to chase.

Sand and Water Toys

The Playmobil sand excavator building set has a shovel that can be used on the tractor or be removed and used on it’s own. I love multi-purpose toys like this and my energetic little boy is going to love playing with this in the sandbox!

Another great toy for a day at the beach or in the sandbox is the seaside kicks sand and water sifting funnel.

water and sand funnel

With all the different layers, kids are sure to enjoy filling and dumping over and over again.


My kids loved having a trampoline in the backyard. We’ve since moved and haven’t yet replaced it, but we are looking to do so once again because they could literally be out jumping and playing for hours.

If you get one that includes some extras like a basketball hoop and net, it adds more fun and a little safety to the mix.


My kids love to play with forts whether they are indoors or out. I’ve created a list of the Top Ten Fort Building Tools that will let kids build and play for hours on end, use their imaginations, and have fun!

fort building kit

See the full list here: Fort Building

What are your favorite summer games to play with your kids. Do you have favorites from your childhood?