About Beast Hunters

When a fearsome new faction of Beast TRANSFORMERS robots emerge on Earth, the AUTOBOTS must evolve to fight them — they become BEAST HUNTERS! The new Autobot Beast Hunters will be facing off against the dragon-like PREDACONS, who have joined forces with the DECEPTICONS.

Beast Hunters Action Figures

The hunt for the Predacons begins here! A mighty army of robot beasts has allied itself with the Decepticons, and their battle against the Autobots will decide the fate of our planet. Each figure converts from toy beast or vehicle to robot and back. With awesome action features, amazing detail, and a variety of characters to choose from, there’s something for everyone with Transformers Prime Beast Hunters toys (each sold separately). Collect your favorite characters, pick your side, and join the battle.

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Voyager Class Optimus Prime

(We received this action figure from Hasbro for the purposes of conducting a review) 

When Optimus Prime showed up at our house, my son was pretty excited. He loves when packages come for him once in a while, so this was a treat. He was eager to get it out of the box right away (who wouldn’t be!). I was pleasantly surprised that you didn’t have to cut any of those little plastic ties to get it out, it was just the twist tie ones that make it really easy to get the toy out and played with right away.

Once we had it out of the package I set him loose. He took off with it and I didn’t see him or the toy again for quite a bit. I actually had to go check on him in his room to see what he was up to, but he was busy playing and having fun. Eventually he made his way back downstairs because he wanted help transforming it into the vehicle.

To be honest, I don’t know how any kid can accomplish this task by themselves. The directions are really long and complex, but I found that we could not figure out how to transform this at all without using the directions.

The recommended age for this toy is 5 and up, which I agree with since my son is 6 and does enjoy playing with it, however, I think the directions for transforming it need to be easier for little kids to use.

Pros: Fun to play with, great action figure

Cons: Difficult to transform, can lose pieces easily

Find Transformers Beast Hunters

Visit the Transformers website where you can choose your side and battle with your team: http://hasb.ro/13ZdsrP
Check out the Transformers retail website to find all of the characters: http://bit.ly/Z8rpPb
Check out the new @HasbroNews Twitter account (http://bit.ly/Z8rxy8)
Find Transformers on their Facebook page (http://on.fb.me/Wr8DCM).

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